Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween... Pinterest-Style!

Happy Halloween! The candy is bought... but just as of yesterday morning... kind of forgot about that... or maybe I was waiting for a sale... I've heard it both ways... the pumpkin isn't carved... there's really no need to get on that...

When Michelle from You're my favorite today wrote about her (mis)adventures with the squirrels in her neighborhood... I chuckled... because squirrels around here just don't do that kind of pumpkin sabotage.

Everyone has pumpkins out... and I have never heard of that happening in my neck of the woods.

Clearly, the juvenile delinquent squirrels on her street have found out that I read her blog and have decided that any friend of Michelle's is no friend of theirs. The used-to-be-sort-of-cute squirrels in my 'hood... are gone. They have been replaced with squirrels like this:
This looks better...

 This is what my pumpkin looks
The second picture shows the vast extent of my artistic/computer talents...

So... no need to actually carve the pumpkin this year... Here are some Pinteresting Halloween things:

So funny!

Here are some great costume ideas:

 This one is a major award, you know...

Source: via Sally on Pinterest

Rosie the Riveter would be an easy costume to throw together at the last minute... for all those parties I get invited to.... by all my friends... now I'm depressed.

Pretty sure my chunky little Grand Boy could totally rock that biker costume!

But if you had moon boots, ahem... Kati, you could be Napoleon instead!

Pretty sure Wednesday and Thursday will be days where kids learn almost nothing.
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

Bahaha... this made me laugh out loud... and so did this last one... I'm pretty mature...
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

Happy Halloween!


  1. Nah, I just drove a truckload over and dumped them in your yard. Our pumpkins have been SITTING IN MY HOUSE for 5 days and cannot be carved until this evening because of the damn squirrels. Tomorrow I'm gonna go chuck them straight at their little heads.

  2. Ha I love the scarecrow one! And the baby biker too cute