Friday, October 5, 2012

High Five for Friday (Week 23)

Even though the Angsty Teen is... well, a teen... this is how I feel about weekends mostly sometimes... Because both the Angsty Teen and the Stern German are home on weekends... and my geriatric parents still need me... a hell of a freakin' lot.

But this weekend will be a little different thanks to marching band... and hunting... can you guess which family member is involved in which activity? (Hint: We don't allow angsty folks to handle firearms... just sayin'.)

For now it's time for me to let you in on the highlights of my week... so... in no particular order:

(And, BTW- how cool am I that I know what "BTW" is?- can anyone tell me why when I highlight stuff when I write my post why it doesn't show up highlighted on the actual blog? Something is wrong...)

1. I picked my first tomato from my one tomato plant yesterday! (not including my cherrry tomato plant... that makes my grand total of plants... at... two!)
so ripe and so cute...
So then I picked all the green ones.... because...
2. A friend and I had gotten together and made salsa verde earlier this week... with all her green tomatoes... and now we can make a batch with mine!
It turned out! (Pretty, delicious, and hot!)
That's what people say about me... haha!
Can't create anything spicy without a margarita.
3. I made Rice Krispie Balls... but not on purpose.

I laughed so hard... because it was such an epic fail... and I was home alone... I wonder if the neighbor who watches me was watching, listening, and was worried about me... or if he/she was just majorly entertained...

     a. I put the bowl of marshmallows in the microwave... after a minute and a half I went to take it out... and  it was the bowl of the Rice Krispies... the bowl of marshmallows was still on the counter.
Burnt Krispies... picked most of them out...
     b. I put the bowl of marshmallows in the microwave... and when I took them out I started stirring and stirring...  and the mixture was soooo thick... I didn't see the butter that was supposed to be all melty in there...

     c. I realized the butter was in the bowl with the burnt Krispies...  So then I added another portion of butter to the marshmallows and tried to mix it in. The marshmallow substance was getting hard and  tough to work with. The more I tried to stir it all together, the more I realized that I really messed this batch up. 
Really? I hadn't been drinking... honest.
So then I rolled the mixture into balls... didn't get very many of them.. but they were really tasty!

4. Kati posted this on her blog on Wednesday... she wrote that it was Candy Corn Peanut Brittle.
Source: via Kati on Pinterest
I thought that sounded fantastic... thought I would make it for her. So I checked out the recipe... it was for a bar cookie... that had a gluteny crust... dang.

But then I realized I could actually try to make her a Candy Corn Peanut Brittle... and so I did!
Kati will be lucky to get any of it... the Angsty Teen found the container and loved it... sorry!

5. Yesterday I got to spend a little time with someone I love hanging out with.
I LOVE working with this woman on anything!
I had signed up a long time ago to make gelatin for a choir dinner for tonight. And, apparently, a good friend of mine had signed up too!

We measured, mixed, stirred, and poured our way through about 9 gallons of gelatin... or about 36 quarts of gelatin.. or about... well, a TON OF GELATIN!

It was the most fun I've had volunteering for anything lately.

Stop by on Monday... I'll tell you which family member used a gun this weekend... and on Monday I will link up with Kati and Kate for:
Incorporating Color
Hope you have a wondrous weekend! What are your plans?


  1. congrats on your one tomato... that's way more than I can grow :) and hope you enjoy the salsa. sounds yummy!

    have a great weekend!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  2. Homemade salsa is the BEST! And so is marching band.