Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five for Friday! (Week 25)

It's been an interesting week... here are some of the highlights... along with the good and bad of each.

1. Last weekend I helped the Angsty Teen build a bottle rocket for science... because the Stern German was gone on a hunting trip.

Good News:
a. We had fun making it....
b. It looked good considering the Angsty Teen is more of an approximist than I am.

Bad News:
a. We had to drink and drive to try to finish off the whole two liter bottle to make the rocket.
b. On Monday at the launching, the rocket only flew nine yards... it was supposed to go a minimum of fifty....

Good News: The launcher might have been defective, so she gets to launch it again.

Bad News: The teacher said we the Angsty Teen may make changes to the rocket... before Monday.

Good News: The Stern German will be home to help with the modifications.
Bad News: Those two might not have such a good time working on this project together...

2. I opened a new bag of beans this week!

Good News: This is always a highlight...

Bad News: I totally messed up the first batch of coffee that was supposed to be amazing from the new bag of beans. 

I was tired... I dumped the coffee beans in the tea kettle instead of the grinder. Then I had to throw those out because they were kind of wet. After I ground my beans correctly and heated my water, I realized I never put the grounds into my press.

Finally put the grounds in, poured the water over them, stirred, and set my timer for four minutes.

When the timer went off... I went to press down the grounds... and I hadn't even put the top on the press... so the already doomed cup of joe was already quite cooled down. In the vernacular of the day... sucks to suck. It was a sad morning.

3. I made a big old pot of chili for the teacher potluck during conferences at the high school.

Good News: I got to make it as hot as I wanted.
Bad News: I got to make it as hot as I wanted.
I forgot to tell people it was venison...
So many hot peppers... and cayenne pepper, too!
4. In my pseudo-quest to be more organized... I bought this great "Fridge Binz" product.
Good News: I had a coupon and got it 30% off.
The Angsty Teen had so many ice cream toppings in various places in the fridge.
Bad News: After ripping the big sticker off the inside and filling the bin... I realized it was too deep for my fridge. 

Really? Story of my life when it comes to pretty much any project.
5. I took the Angsty Teen shopping yesterday.
Good News: She found lots of great fall clothes.
Bad News: She found lots of great fall clothes... dang.

One of the highlights of the shopping expedition was going to:
I never really knew if I liked that store or not. What I did know is that it always seemed to cost me a ton of money to shoe the child at that store.

But we went in with a pair of tennies we had bought two months ago... that the Angsty Teen had hardly worn... that had ripped... and we didn't have the receipt...

THEY GAVE US A FULL STORE CREDIT! Who does that? And they were pleasant about the whole thing. Wow. I was impressed. I am a happy customer.
New cheaper tennies...  the difference was spent on socks... because we never have enough of those.
Those were the highlights of my week... there is another one... but it won't have happened before I publish this post.... I could wait to tell you about it another time. Some of you are sad... well, maybe only one or two of you... and others are probably happily thinking, :"Smart move, your post is already too wordy..."

Well, if you insist... I will tell you now... that a wonderful highlight of my week... is that I get to see KATI!!!! I'm going to spend a couple days with her! YAY!

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