Friday, October 26, 2012

High Five for Friday (Week 26)


That doesn't usually seem like a big deal to me, because my days are all kind of the same... but this week? I'm glad it's Friday... Don't ask me why.... I'm not really sure!

Here are the highlights of my week:

1. Kati!

Last weekend I got to spend a couple days with Kati. I know that, technically, it wasn't part of this week... but I am counting it... because all week I would think about the great time we had and smile.
We were so mature at Sur La Table...
2. The Stern German was light-hearted... and maybe just happy to be home... ahhh... he missed us.

He helped the Angsty Teen redesign her rocket... and it flew more than the required 40 feet... yay!

Then he decided he was going to take up a new hobby... Interpretive Dance with a Rocket.

He shouldn't quit his day job.
Who's not amused now?
Not sure if this video will work... but if it does it's short and kind of funny.

3a. I got to go out with a couple of friends to celebrate one of my friend's birthday.
These aren't all the birthday girl's... or mine... unfortunately.
3b. It was a downtown trick or treat night last night... I didn't have to take any children out in the 33 degree night to go from business to business... These girls I know came into the Mexican restaurant we were at...
Good makeup job.
4. The Angsty Teen's nose isn't broken...
She didn't really want her picture taken... can you tell?

She ran into a friend of hers on Monday afternoon... literally. There was no spurting of blood... no bruising... no crookedness... no cockeyedness... is that a word?

Yes, she complained... because it hurt like a son of a gun. But she is known for being vocal about pain... or tenderness... or ever-so-slightly mild discomfort. So I don't always pay a lot of attention to what she is complaining about. (There goes that Mother of the Year Award... dang.)

But as a parent... or really, just in life, I have learned that about the time you drive your stake in the ground and declare something to be true... it turns out to not be so true.

In other words, I was 99.99999% sure that her nose wasn't broken. But I know that just about the time I  tell her we won't go to Urgent Care... it will turn out, weeks later, that the thing was broken and now would need to be rebroken to be set... story of my life.

So we went to the Urgent Care in the next town over... because I don't have a ton of confidence in our Urgent Care department for things other than basic strep...

And, guess what? If you can plug your nose on each side, one side at a time, and you can inhale through your unplugged side... your nose isn't broken.

I should've Googled that business.
5. We are still eating risotto... yum!
That's it for my week. Hope you have a great weekend.

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  1. Found you from Lauren's link up. Just from this post alone I can tell you and I will be great friends. You are hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Love it! Love the "someone will want to marry you" caption. Love the blog!