Thursday, October 18, 2012

So far, so bad...

On Tuesday I told you about the race that my daughters and I are going to do again on Thanksgiving Day.

I wrote that post on Monday afternoon... and then... well, then... are you with me? Ok... wait for it... I actually got out there... and... and... ran.

"Ran" might be too strong of a word for what I did.

I sort of ambled... rambled.... moseyed... and/or shlepped my way along the path... out of sight of most people. I was alternating sixty seconds moving slightly faster than a walk with 90 seconds of walking... while the entire time I was getting my arm yanked off by the damn dog who wanted to go sniff stuff, chase squirrels, and eat garbage.

I really don't want people to see me run... and that's tricky when you live in a small town, because you know someone on every block.

I'm pretty sure that seeing me move slightly faster than a slow walk would alarm everyone I know... they would probably call the cops because they would think someone was trying to chase me down and kill me...

Yeah, kind of like that.

But. I. did. it. And the next day? Well, Billy Ray Cyrus might've been singing about an Achy Breaky Heart a few years ago.... but that was probably the only part of me that was doing fine. Dang...all those old bones... unused muscles... and tired, old feet.

It wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be... the actual almost-running part. Thought there was a chance that I could actually do this whole race thing...

But then... early the next morning I bumped this cuticle nippers... and it fell off the bathroom counter... and punctured my foot.
vicious looking thing
So much blood. (None on the rug! Yay!) No pictures of that... you can thank me later.

Then the next day I caught my big toe (because it was nice outside and I was wearing what-we-used-to-call-thongs-but-now-everyone-calls-flip-flops and I caught my toe on the foot of the leg of a table at Subway and put a slice in my big toe. Probably should sue them...

Thought my (kinda, sorta, slightly) running days were over. Maybe I'm just too accident prone to be a runner... Not really joking here.

However, yesterday... I got up, colored my Angsty-Teen-bestowed gray roots... showered, got through the Angsty Teen's conferences (everyone loves her... what the heck? Clearly she is so pleasant as school that the reserves are empty by the time she gets home...)... spent hours and hours with my geriatric bariatric father and had lunch with both of my parents... and FINALLY got home mid-afternoon.

And... guess what I did. No, really. Guess.

Yep, I went out for another round of  ambling... rambling.... moseying... and/or shlepping my way along the path around the nearly-secluded part of the lake near my house.

And the few people who saw me? Well, I'm really not sure if I can be held liable for the car accidents caused by their uncontrollable fits of laughter which made them lose control of their vehicles...

I'd better go call an attorney.

Obviously MARvelous

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  1. I am so impressed with anyone that takes up rambling or ambling! I hear that if you keep at it it will get easier, although I would say foot injury may hamper that some. ;) I am a new follower from the hop and look forward to reading more of your posts, you are a fun writter. Thanks for the smiles this morning! :)