Wednesday, October 17, 2012

That's Slightly Pinteresting...

Happy Wednesday! Here are some things I liked on Pinterest this week:
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

Yep, pretty much every, single, cotton-pickin' day. I start with lofty goals and then I get tired. In fact:

So another day goes by and I my house is still frighteningly similar to a house on Hoarders... I'm afraid that someday I will fall down... have broken bones... will pull myself over to the phone and somehow get it knocked of the counter... call 911... and when help comes... the police will draw their guns looking for the perpetrator that ransacked my house in what is obviously a robbery/assault situation.

But this is a brilliant idea:

In honor of the presidential debate which I decided not to watch... because:
   1. I already know who I am voting for.
   2. I don't really take time to watch television.
   3. The whole thing would probably just make me mad.
   4. I didn't know about the Presidential Debate Bingo Game... dang.

... I am posting this pin because I think it is hilarious... I can entertain myself with words all day long.

One of those people may or may not remind me of a close relative... scary.

That is definitely true... I think lots of things are really funny and often I am about the only one laughing... Thankfully, Kati thinks I am hilarious... or at least she is smart enough to pretend that she thinks I am hilarious... that's almost the same thing. (I think she is hilarious, too... or I pretend to... nevermind...)
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

That's definitely us... except that usually Kati and I are mostly laughing at other people... which gives our mother/daughter relationship a very solid base... apparently:

Yep... we got that.

Have a wondrous Wednesday.


  1. Love the one about laughing to oneself. That's me!

  2. Haha your pins are too funny :)
    Stopping by from How Pinteresting ♥

  3. I love that first ecard. I am definitely that "type of girl". For some reason I always find things funnier than everyone else.