Wednesday, October 24, 2012

That's Slightly Pinteresting...

A couple of years ago the Angsty Teen and I (although back then she was probably an Angsty Pre-Teen) and I went to the Minnesota State Fair to help out at a Minnesota Library Association tent.

While we were meandering a little bit we came across a booth that was selling something called Go Girl!

Saw it on Pinterest this week...

"GO GIRL. Because life's greatest adventure shouldn't be finding a bathroom."

That would be a lot like having a ding dong... which would make me so much more valuable as a person in my family of origin...

But, I don't think I would want/need one of these... because most of my life's greatest adventures right now are finding bathrooms... just not for me... for my geriatric, bariatric father... and he already has a GO BOY built in...

Do you think you would ever need for a GO GIRL for yourself?

I am pretty sure that this is true... especially if you have good aim.

The Stern German's mom passed away a couple of years ago... His dad got remarried to a very nice lady and decided last winter that he was ready to get rid of stuff and sell his house.

With five sisters, four of which show up to claim stuff, and one brother... all of whom have pretty strong personalities... this has been kind of a trying time for everyone.

The Stern German ends of being the one who tries to help the siblings be touch with their feelings... Really? He's the sensitive one? That's a new one. The world is probably ending soon.

Source: via Sally on Pinterest

I like wine... and I like words... so, in theory, this looks like a great game... but, I don't speak French.

Hate when this happens.

This makes me laugh.. hold on, girl...

That's kind of true... except I don't think I would like a surprise party...

Hope your Wednesday is great.


  1. OHMYGAWD!!!!! I hate that about the automatic toilets! Drives me nuts and totally grosses me out :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. wowsers... totes puts another spin on when I always say "GO GIRL"... I will always envision that wonderful portable bathroom. I must say... I don't think I can use one of those... I don't have that good of "aim" lol

    Found you on the OHP link up! xo, Bev

  3. I could plan my own susprise party. Lately, I've been forgetting everything. I remember until the day of and then it just slips my mind.