Monday, October 1, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 23)

So sorry... it's Monday... not that it is my fault that it's Monday... but I'm sorry, nonetheless!

Hope your weekend had some fun in it.... the weather was gorgeous here. But I can't believe September is a thing of the past.

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Here are the high points and the not-so-high points of my weekend...

1. We had a marching band competition in the northern part of the Twin Cities.
The Good:
They did their visuals the best they have ever done them. Yay!

The Bad:
One band's colorguard had a runaway hoop... reminded me of Pollyanna when the kids chase hoops down the street. Oops.

The Ugly:
Then the same colorguard person never did have a flag or rifle for the rest of the show... What? (But she pretended well... and she never dropped her rifle...)

2. We ate at Manny's Tortas in the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis.
If you live in the Twin Cities... you need to go to there.
The Good: 
We had delicious tortas.

Manny's Special
The Bad: We were in a hurry and didn't really get to eat them leisurely.
The Ugly: Indigestion...
Needed these before the night was through... just ate too fast.
 3. We stopped at a new-to-us liquor store in Apple Valley on the way home.
The Good: The Stern German found his Surly. (Not that he can't whip that emotion up on his own...)
He'd been looking for this since the state fair.
The Bad: Too many choices?
Talk about a run-on sign...
 The Ugly: This is the price of one of their bottles of beer...
Didn't buy that one...
 So those were some of the things we did this weekend. What did you do?


  1. I just laughed out loud. As a colorguard instructor, I am really confused why the poor girl never had any equipment! Yay for best visuals yet! I LOVE MARCHING BAND COMPS!!!!