Monday, October 15, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 25)

It was a busy weekend... and there were a lot of Good, Bad, and Ugly moments. I'm linking up with Kati and Kate to give you a peek into my weekend!
Incorporating Color
1. Happy Hour!
Friday afternoon the Stern German pulled up in front of the house and called me to see if he could take me out to a place we like for happy hour.

The Good: We went!
So's Friday... he has a beer... and he is going on a hunting trip soon!
The Bad:
We decided to stay...
We have learned over the months that the Stern German's ex-wife tends to show up here on various days throughout the week after 4:00 pm... we pulled in at 3:10... didn't see her car... and thought we had custody of the place for about 45 minutes...

She was there when we walked in... dang. (They've been divorced for over 25 years... but doesn't like running into her...)

The Ugly:
The guy she is with is someone she should not be hanging out with... enough said. Except for, let me say, why are some people so slow to figure out life? Or why don't they ever figure out what's important? Ok... that's all.

2. Marching Band!
The Good: We finished up our competitive season (that's good) with a BIG win in our class (even better!)... the best part was beating two specific schools that had consistently beaten us earlier in the season!

This was our performance from a few weeks ago... watch it if you are interested...
We had a lot of freshmen this year... they made up 1/3 of the band. Amazing what they learned.

It looks like the video isn't showing up... weird... me? technical difficulties? hahaha...
The Bad:
It was a long day...
The time the buses pulled into the school parking lot... 
The Ugly:
The Angsty Teen probably would've been sleepy but the police and fire department gave the bands' buses an escort into town with sirens blaring and lights flashing! (And there were probably a couple hundred people out at the school to welcome the champions!)

We didn't get to bed until 2:00 am... too wound up.
The dog looked worse when I tried to take out his red eye problem!
3. Volunteering. I volunteered at the marching band competition.
The Good: I saved money!
     Free Admission- $30 value
     Free Parking- $10 value
     Free t-shirt- $20 value
     Free supper- $15 value

The Bad:
A lady from my school had my ushering job the shift before me and was sitting right next to where I was working. She kept hollering out stuff to people, bossing people around, and was constantly taking over.

At the night show she was still there and there was another volunteer in my spot... when she started telling people where to go (Don't think I didn't want to tell her where to go...) he asked her if he should just go sit down... funny.

Another person I'll work hard to avoid being with on committees... that list gets longer by the day.

The Ugly:
As an usher I had to stop people from entering the stadium when a band started playing.

One man came stomping down five or six steps to me and yelled, "So you are telling me I have to stand here with four children and with my arms full of food for fifteen minutes until this band is done?"

"Ah, yeah?... Sorry you suck at planning." Well, that's what I thought. "Yes... It would be rude to disrupt a band while they were playing," I replied.

When he finally got to go in... he stopped and made some rude comments to me... I looked at him and sweetly said, "Do you ever have anything nice to say about anything?"

So that was my weekend... all of it... The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. What did you do this weekend?

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  1. lots of stuff packed into a weekend. love the idea of happy hour...we so rarely get to do that anymore that it just even SOUNDS wonderful!
    congrats on the band competition!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    wishing you lots more good!!!