Monday, October 22, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 26)

It is time for me to link up with my daughter, Kati, and her friend, Kate, to give talk about my weekend and to let you in on:
Incorporating Color
The Good:
I visited Kati for the weekend!

We ate some great food... and we ate quite cheaply thanks to happy hour bargains, Groupon vouchers, and Living Social deals!

(FYI - If you are going to go to a restaurant called Wraps & Crepes... it is best not to mix up the first letters of those names... no one wants to eat at a place if you keep, accidentally, calling it Craps & Wrapes...)

We ran a race on Sunday... the Jones Bros 5K-ake race. And we lived to tell about it. Well, I knew Kati would live to tell about it... wasn't so sure about me.

(The picture in the middle of the bottom row is of Kati coming back for me...  Yay, No Mother Left Behind!)

And, don't you love the graffiti I saw on the  bridges that I ambled by? Here's a closer look... I love good graffiti.
These are great.
We shopped! Kati bought a GREAT mirror for her apartment... and a few lot of other things.

We did some other things, but mostly we laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and had a blast.

Such a great weekend.

The Bad:
Someone was number 666 for the race... so, in case you are wondering... this would be the hair of Satan.

The Ugly:
We had to eat a mini-cupcake at every mile marker of the race.

Now I know that sounds pretty good... and the cupcakes, normally, would be been something I would love to eat...
When we registered for the race... the cupcakes looked delicious.
But it was early in the morning... and we were running... well, you know, I was doing something that ever-so-slightly resembled running...

I got to the first table and picked up a beautiful little chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting... took a bite... and nearly gagged... a little too much sweetness for a serious athlete such as myself... apparently.

I never did eat the whole cupcake at any of the stops... just a little bite and pitched the rest.

The me who is sitting at home typing this post wishes she would've brought some Gladware along on the route so I could've brought the cupcakes home... they would be delicious now. Maybe next year.

It was a great weekend. 

Now I am home. The exhausted Stern German is back from his hunting trip, and the wiped out Angsty Teen is back from her weekend church retreat up north. 

But it could be worse... at least the dog is still at the kennel... 

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  1. Oh wow as much as I love cupcakes I can't imagine eating them while running, well I can't really imagine running at all haha