Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 27)

Well... I've decided that I really don't like Sundays... or at least I don't like Sunday mornings.

There is nothing simple, peaceful, or worshipful for me and something's gotta change.

I need to create a space for me to put on makeup and do my hair when the Stern German is home. That bathroom can't accomodate the two of us... well, more specifically, it can't accomodate me along with the smells from him...

I'll work on that.

For now I'm linking up with Kati and Kate to bring you:
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Here's the scoop on my weekend:

The Good:

FRIDAY- We survived the first choir concert of the year.

SATURDAY- The Stern German took me out for a dinner date on Saturday night. Three margaritas later, I was quite mellow.

SUNDAY- The Stern German ate lunch with my parents and I didn't have to eat.

The Bad:

FRIDAY- I had to take my mom to the local ER... after 4-5 hours they sent her home and couldn't figure out what was causing her pain... at least the pain med they gave her helped her.

Also, the choir concert that evening seemed to last forever... but this one was relatively short... However, no matter how long you are there it seems like too long of a time to sit on hard bleachers... and listen to groups that your kid isn't in...

SATURDAY- The Stern German decided to start cleaning windows... they were soooo dirty! It's probably bad that he waited until it was 30 degrees out to do this project.

SUNDAY- My morning consisted of getting reading for church, teaching Sunday school, and going back to pick up my dad for church after teaching preschool Sunday school. But I also had to get my mom to Urgent Care for a blood draw after her Friday afternoon ER stint... and this was all just a little too much... Unfortunately, the day was about to get uglier...

Why didn't I have to eat dinner with my geriatric parents? Well, I sat in the lobby at my parents' place dealing with some of the fallout from Kati's awful situation while they ate lunch with the Stern German.

The Ugly:

After a less-than-ideal Sunday morning I was dropping my mom off at her place after her blood draw... and heading to church where I had already dropped my geriatric, bariatric father off, done a quick bathroom assist, and handed him over to the Stern German about an hour earlier... and my cell phone rang...

It was Kati. That was a little surprising that she was calling as she knew I would be in church (usually) and she would've already finished going to church and would've gone to work out.

When I answered the phone she was crying... and it was hard to understand her. Finally got it figured out that her car had been broken into and her purse had been stolen. Poor kid. What an ordeal.

I am sure this will make the "ugly" of her weekend... We spent quite a bit of time on the phone to each other along with her talking to police and me calling debit and credit card companies.

I have thought that subscribing to a service that would do all of that for you with one phone call sounded great in theory... but had never experienced this kind of ordeal before... so I had never checked into something like that before.

Maybe we should sign up for something like that... maybe someone from a company like that should read this post and offer me a free subscription if I blog about it... Yeah, I know... that's probably not a real thing...

Hope your weekend was better than Kati's...

If you read Janet Evanovich books... I can tell you that people who steal stuff from other people are a lot like those cable guys...

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