Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas...

This would totally be true... except I didn't put up any Halloween decorations! Anyway... time to get crackin' on Christmas... especially on Christmas gift lists.

Okay... not so sure anyone, except Kati, in my family reads my blog... which is really how I would prefer it to be... although, last week when the Angsty Teen asked me how long I had been blogging... I said... "Since about April"... and the Stern German said... "Thirty weeks."

Really? Pretty sure the only way you would know that is if you read what week it was that I was linking up for the GBU...

That means the Stern German might be reading this... Hi, honey! (damn)

Well, I'm deciding to put this newfound knowledge of mine to good use...

Here are a few things I would like for Christmas:
(Hey, Stern German man, if you are ever going to read my blog... today's the day!)

1. World peace... haha, never gonna happen.

2. This picture for above my piano...

Since my girls and I have been to each of the 48 contiguous states... except I am a terrible parent and have never taken the Angsty Teen to Disney World so she hasn't been to Flo Rida... I thought I would enjoy looking at this print every day of my life. It would make me smile.

It's for sale at my favorite gift shop in town... and the owner will give you 20% off, dear...

Actually I told Kati that I could probably just make it... it's a pretty simple drawing... I could trace a map... but she abruptly said, "No, you can't." She knows me well.

3. A Silpat Mat
This would be great for something... some kind of baking... I've seen all the famous people on Food Network use one, I'm sure.... But the problem is that I don't know what size I need. I guess I could go and measure the pans I would use it in... but I'm tired... not now.

4. A metal spatula... like those two at the bottom of this set...

This set is from Rachael Ray's stuff... don't always like watching her... pretty sure I'm just jealous because it seems as if she's usually had more wine than me... But, this whole set might be nice... I already have lots of orange stuff in my kitchen. I wish it didn't have her name on it...

5. Another large rubber spatula from Pampered Chef...

Pampered Chef

Well, the one I have is fine... sometimes two of them might be nice... but really, I just want another one once mine bites the dust... so I guess I don't need that now.

6. Gift certificates

What for? Um... my favorite restaurant... um... Pier 1... Target... but really? As soon as I get a gift card for some place... I never find anything I want there... so... maybe #7 is really the best choice.

7. CASH!!! Show me the money!

That clips always makes me laugh.

With enough cash I could just go buy all those things when I find them... and stock up on wine... and go out to eat... and shop for clothes.

Actually this sums it up pretty well:

What do you want for Christmas? If you are one of my daughters... don't even answer that... it's too late. I've already done most of my shopping. If you are my Stern German... no need to answer either... already stocked up on the coal...

Obviously MARvelous


  1. I Love your blog!! And I'm not family! ;) I really hope you get that silpat.. I have 3 (what?! I know.. I'm obsessive) and I pretty much refuse to cook without them. Ever!


  2. Haha, great ideas! I hate when I get gift cards and can't find one thing I want in the store! I hope you get lots of stuff on your list :)

  3. I have an orange microwave and would love to have more orange things. I'm so happy to see that as an option in store. I was not a fan of the red phase in kitchen accessories.

  4. I could not stop laughing as I read this and am SOO happy I found your blog through Thirsty Thursday. I'm married to a Stern German too lol! My daughters aren't old enough to read my blog yet though; they are only 1 and 4. I've always wanted a Silpat of my own. Maybe one day I'll be inducted to the Silpat family.

    I'll definitely be following you. You crack me up!

  5. Your post is really hilarious! :)) You have a good taste on what you want for Christmas. Hope you'll get them all. Thank you for sharing these. :)