Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday I posted this:

and, unfortunately, it's true for a lot of us!

My girls and I were going to be running a race this morning in the Twin Cities... but Kati hurt her back.. and we decided to skip the race this year... so sad... haha!

Glad she is doing better... and kind of somewhat glad to not be trying to fit the race into our lives...

Katie got home last night... I cooked two turkeys and made stuffing... and made a great red sauce with Italian sausage.... almost ready to assemble the lasagne for supper!

We are eating with my geriatric, bariatric parents at their assisted living place for Thanksgiving lunch. I'm bringing wild rice dressing. It's made... I even made my own croutons... for the first time ever... and it's in the fridge.

The turkeys I roasted are for us to nibble on throughout the next few days, for me to share with my parents, and for Kati to take home.

Tomorrow morning  I will heat the dressing up, pregame a lot  little, and head over for lunch with my family in tow!

This month I've been tweeting #thankful tweets... here is the list so far:

#thankful tweet: Day 1 - Thankful might be harder than I thot. Thankful for not having a job right life is crazy enuf.

#thankful tweet Day 2- Thankful that no one shat their pants yet this month... well, no one I'm responsible for. Really. It's a big deal.

#thankful tweet: Day 3- thankful for a quiet house for a small part of the day.

#thankful tweet: Day 4-Thankful for children who love me.

#thankful tweet: Day 5-Thankful for seat heaters in my car.

#thankful tweet Day 6- Thankful that I live in a country where I have the right, responsibility, & privilege to vote. Vote early, vote often. :)

#thankful Day 7: Thankful for the people who love me... (but not the creepy guy at the liquor store...)

 #thankful Day 8: Thankful for a husband who thinks I'm adorable.

#thankful Day 9: Thankful for the sunshine. It makes most things better....

 thankful #Day 10: Thankful for a beautifully warm Nov day...& for my teen. Happy Belated Birthday, Angsty Teen!

Day 11: #thankful that the snow today isn't at all like the Armistice Day blizzard of 1940. Several at lunch told stories about that day.

Missed #thankful Day 12: Glad we get to be part of the Stern German's grandboys' lives.

Day 13: #thankful for a godly mother.

Day 14: #Thankful for capable daughters.

Day 15: #Thankful for wine....or wine that tastes great! Great supper of split pea soup, homemade buns, and vino.

 Day 16: #Thankful for a clean basement & for the family members that got down there & helped.:-) ... the Angsty Teen and The Stern German!

 Day 17: #Thankful for good friends that i can chat with and catch up with after a long time of not being able to connect.

Day 18: #Thankful for a quieter-than-normal Sunday afternoon.

Day 19: #Thankful for not having to eat lunch w/my parents at their place. Too much togetherness & stress. I get to eat leftovers!

Day 20: Thankful 4books, tho time 2 read is nil & 4 new book out 2day. Shoulda put name on the list at lib sooner.

#thankful Day 21: Thankful that Kati is home safely... and that the rest of the weekend sounds kind of relaxing!

Day 22; #THANKFUL for my readers, my family, and a God who loves me abundantly.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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