Friday, November 16, 2012

High Five for Friday (Week 29)

It is Friday! Tonight we are having the Angsty Teen's birthday party... but it is quite small and manageable. Only five guests... and she decided against having a sleep over.... well, I never said she could have one... but I directed her thinking to the idea that with her cough and cold and exhaustion level from the previous weekend... she might want to think about a shorter party.

And she did! Those girls are coming over around 6:00 and leaving by 10:00 pm. Yay! Also, I've learned over the years that as great of ideas I might have for her parties... she is happiest when she plans them... so all I have to do is get the food and cake ready.

Here are the highlights from my week in chronological order:

1. I chose pretty good birthday gifts for the Angsty Teen:
and some Husker stuff...
2. I was able to go to a fun night of appetizers and wine/beer sampling!*
This was one of ten tables.... yay!
3. a. I made an Angel Food cake from scratch for my step-daughter for her birthday... 
& it turned out great!
The Pretty Hot and Tempting baby liked the cake... of course.
3. b. I used some of the yolks from the cake recipe and made Eggs Benedict for supper.*
I made the Angsty Teen's Egg Benedict with scrambled eggs.
I love brunch... or brunchy foods... especially if there is some form of adult orange juice on the menu!

5.  I totally loved the drink recipe from yesterday's post.*
Along with the last one... I had several people comment on yesterday's post and offer their advice on the best way to get the chocolate out of the glass... I will probably have to experiment with all the different ways... maybe I should go do some research on that now...

It was a pretty good week. Stop by on Monday when I link up with Kati and Kate to bring you:
Incorporating Color

of my weekend. Have a great weekend.
*All of these items were part of my prep work for planning meal/drink ideas for next week when Kati is here for Thanksgiving! The things I do for my kids...


  1. your sampling night sounds fun!! happy friday!

  2. Kati is lucky!!!! I hope you guys have a great time over the break!!!