Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Last Days List: Halloween Edition

Did you vote yet? My motto is "Vote early, vote often!" Hahaha....

Today I'm linking up with Michelle... and her Last Day Lists Linkup... It's a Halloween Edition!
What are my five favorite Halloween candies?

I wasn't really sure what to answer here... so I've spent the last week trying to figure it out... doing research has been a big job...

I wasn't as enamored with 100 Grand or Rolos as I thought I was... I think buying some Lindt chocolate truffles has kind of ruined cheap chocolate for me... 
... but in all of my research, here is what I think I like:

1. Milky Way (the fun size... well, maybe two fun size... who decided that this new teeny, tiny size deserves to be called fun?)

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups... not the miniature ones... the chocolate to peanut butter ratio is off on those.
3. Snickers... but in this case, I prefer the miniature, tiny bite-sized ones.
4. Tootsie Rolls... but only if they are soft!

5. Heath Bars... I love toffee!!!
One of Michelle's favorites was Reese's Nutrageous... I've never even heard of those... apparently I don't get out much... I will have to try one.

Five Worst Things to Find in Your Trick or Treat Bag:

1. Anything homemade... when I was a kid... everyone was afraid of the crazies putting razor blades in homemade stuff... so that all got thrown out...
2. Any candy with the wrapper slightly ripped... because of the crazies and the razor blades... oh, and the needles... and the drugs... had to throw that business out.

3. Apples... besides the fact that no kid wants an apple instead of candy...  it had to be thrown out because of the crazies and the razor blads and the needles and the drugs... plus, if you did get an apple in the olden days... it was probably one of these... a red delicious... which are not so delicious by today's apple standards.
Has anyone ever died from any of that stuff? Mental Floss magazine wrote about that... read it here.

3. Bottle of Pepsi... I don't think cans had been invented yet... and one year... a guy down the street was handing out little bottles of Pepsi... This wasn't actually a bad thing to find... except I never got to drink it... my father drank mine after I went to bed... That made me really sad... I was probably five or six. Really? Get your own damn Pepsi. Scarred me for life.
4. Peanut Butter Kisses
Don't even know if they make these any more... and I didn't really hate them... if they were soft... but when I was a kid lots of people gave these out... and most of the time they were break-your-molars hard.
5. Popcorn balls... if they were homemade, they fell into the first category I wrote about... if they were store bought... we could eat them... if the wrapper was intact... but who really wanted to eat them anyway?
Five best things you've been for Halloween:
Well, the problem here is remembering them... and coming up with any pictures... so, here's what I can think of...

1. Dice... yep, a dice... technically, a die. I thought it sounded cool when my mom thought of it... but I wore a big, square painted box over my head and body... with little arm holes... and it was awful. Dark, hot, and scary when big kids stuck sticks through my eye holes...

2. Hobo... this probably isn't politically correct now, but I spent many a years with ratty old men's clothes on my back and a stick with a bandana tied to it filled with all my worldly possessions.

3. Old Lady: nightgown, baby-powdered hair with rollers in it, cold cream on my face, and a cane.

4. Tourists: I think I 've only been to one Halloween party as an adult... and the Stern German and I dressed up as tourists... big printed Hawaiian shirts, Bermuda shorts, zinc oxide on our noses, and cameras around our necks.

5. Pirate: This is what I usually was for Halloween Storytime the last couple of years I was the Storytime Lady. I had bought a flouncy, lacy blouse on clearance a few years ago, cut up a black dress shirt someone had given me that wasn't at all cute into a vest with a pinking shears, picked up a pirate hat/hook/sword combo at a store, wore a belt with the sword in it, wore a big hoop earring, and wore an eye patch from the eye drop/contact solution section at Walmart. Arrrrgh.

Five things that scare the bejeezus out of me:

Let's see... what scares me...

1. Idiots who are in charge of things that affect me...

2. Running to the basement for a big old glass of wine only to discover the box is nearly empty.

3. Being pretty sure that my geriatric, bariatric father isn't going to make it to the bathroom on time.

4. Being followed... or watched.... 

5. This mask:

Michelle put this mask on her list and I agree... this is freaky... especially when the masked person starts making the blood flow like this kid did at the assisted living place where my parents live... the residents weren't impressed.

So there you have it. My list. If you blog, feel free to link up with Michelle in the next couple of weeks... If you don't blog, let me know what some of your favorite candies and costumes are... and what scares the crap out of you!

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