Wednesday, November 7, 2012

That's Slightly Pinteresting

As I sit here watching election returns... and coloring in my electoral college map.... I will start my post for Wednesday.

Did you survive your Halloween partying last week?
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

This guy didn't fare so well.

Now it's November. I'm working to be more thankful this month... I mean by saying it out loud... or tweeting it, actually...and my Day3 #thankful tweet was:
"Thankful that no one shat their pants yet this month... 
well, no one I'm responsible for. Really. It's a big deal."

So when I saw this someecard on Pinterest...

I knew this was true... it's definitely not funny... when it happens... and something to definitely be thankful for when it doesn't happen!

Poe humor is always funny...

Hahaha... love the shoes, Poe.

Hey, Michelle, they got one of 'em... yay!

Do guys still ask girls out? I think Christian guys are tending to wimp out in this area... about ten years ago "courting" became popular.

Really? Just man up and ask a girl out.  Go ahead and use this line to get her number... (pretty sure no guys really read this blog... but... who knows?)

Source: via Sally on Pinterest

Hilarious. Although every time I read that I start hankering for a margarita!

Having a tough week? Feeling powerless? Don't get down on yourself... you have more power than you think...

And that is definitely true... also don't let your child stick their bums over the squirty fountains at the waterpark...  that is a quick way to shut down the park... kind of an explosive bowel thing... I may or may not be speaking from experience. I think the quote was "Firecracker in the shallow end."

Source: via Sally on Pinterest

I think I should just print out that sign and put it around my neck... or on the passenger window for when I pick up the Angsty Teen from school in the afternoons... so much drama... not enough alcohol.

Hope the rest of your week is a great one!


  1. Loved your ecards! Stopping in from Vintage Apple.
    Jen @

  2. Please tell me they burned those GI Joes after they took that photo.

  3. My dad did the vomiting pumpkin this year, too. Last year, he cut bunches of holes in it and had rubber rats sticking out of them.