Monday, November 5, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 28)

The weekend is over... I guess that's bad... and good... and maybe a little ugly?

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                                                                                                       ... of my weekend!

1.  Friday night we went to a high school football game that two of our nephews were playing in for the regional AAAAA championship...

The Good: We hit up a happy hour before the game!!!!!
Happy Hours always make me happy.
The Bad: They lost the game... it wasn't even close after the first quarter.

I couldn't get to work last night... I was going to circle the score in the picture... but...  you get the idea!
The Ugly: It was cold!!! (About 33 degrees... dang.)
2. I got to be home alone for a little while on Saturday.

The Good: I got to be home alone.

The Bad: But only for a short time...

The Ugly: I still had to do laundry, take lots of phone calls, go to the local thrift store for a "Thriller" costume for the Angsty Teen, clean up the kitchen, take care of the dog, go see my parents, go to Walmart... well, you get the idea. I thought I would be home in a quiet house for several hours... but, that didn't really happen!

3. I had wanted this wire baskety kitchen utensil for quite a while.
The Good: Found a package of all three of these bamboo utensils at T.J. Maxx for under $7.00!

The Bad: The spoon in my right hand has never been used for stirring anything yet...

The Ugly: That spoon was used to kill a centipede... gross.

I was walking into the kitchen the other day... and... well... centipede... running... heading under an appliance where he would be home free for a long time... and I grabbed the closest thing to me and smashed him to pieces. Might have to throw that spoon away. (Also, in the process of smashing him to a very flattened state... I smashed my knuckles into the kitchen floor... the things I do for my family.)

4. We saw the Grand Boys this weekend... for a baptism for the baby.

The Good: The Stern German got to feed the youngest one.

The Bad: The Stern German's ex-wife and her family weren't all that friendly... and it was an extremely awkward afternoon...

The Ugly: Think that kid has his grandpa's hairline... or lack, thereof.
The Angsty Teen was wonderful... for most of the day!
That pretty much sums up my weekend... hope yours was good. Gentlemen... and gentlewomen... start your engines... it's time to race through another week.

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