Monday, November 12, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 29)

This was such a busy week/weekend... and I am linking up with Kati and Kate to bring you:
Incorporating Color
1. Our marching band had their annual Indoor show. 

They performed two shortened matinees on Thursday and evening shows Thursday - Saturday.

The Good: They always adapt their field show for the gym... unique... and always wonderful.

I just found out that no one is able to watch the little YouTube videos I post... I think this should work. You sure don't have to watch all of it... but it gives you an idea of what this Indoor thing is like...

The Bad: The Angsty Teen was exhausted beyond belief.

There was an After Party on both Friday and Saturday when they were done... the parties ended about 1:00 am. There was also a brassline sleepover on Friday... she said she fell asleep around 4:00 am, and a 1:00 am trip to Perkins in a neighboring town after the Saturday After Party. She got home at 3:00 am Sunday morning.

The Ugly: Had a meltdown on Saturday.... not me, the Angsty Teen.

She asked me if she had to go to Indoor. When I parent that child, I give her a lot of freedom to make decisions... mostly because she won't willingly listen to me anyway.

I said, "It's totally up to you if you go tonight."

What I didn't say was, "WHAT?!?!? You can't let 120 people down that are marching the show, you have to go, you don't have a choice." Wise choice on my part. Because, of course, she decided to go... and that was the last I heard of it... because it was her decision. Sometimes I am wise.

2. Saturday was the Angsty Teen's birthday!
She loved this present... oh, and the sweatshirt she has on...
which she didn't love when she opened it... but loves now... she exhausts me.
The Good: The Angsty Teen is now fifteen... well, that's not necessarily good... but she is getting closer and closer to moving out and living on her own... She was born for that.

The Bad: The Angsty Teen will start driver's ed in school this winter. Enough said.

The Ugly: I made/brought 150 cupcakes to the Saturday night After Party... and she still wants a small party with friends this coming weekend... dang... thought maybe I could get out of that...
So many cupcakes...
Red velvet w/cream cheese frosting
So we survived the weekend. We are tired and not all that healthy... but we are gonna make it! I went in and got some drugs for my cough/cold. I love drugs...

Hope your weekend was good.

Next year you could come see me and check out the Indoor! (Hey, Danavee, you would love this!)


  1. mmm those cupcakes look good! And happy birthday to your daughter :)

  2. LOVE the video! Total nostalgic moment. I think I sighed a little.