Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Other Man...

I met you so many years ago... nearly thirty. Wow, time flies. I was so impressed when I met you on that cruise. Three Greek islands in one day... on a smallish sized boat... and and the weather did not cooperate. 

Well,  the weather did not do what I had expected it to or hoped it would do. You, on the other hand, seemed fine with the weather. Actually, as I think back to that day, you probably had been hoping and planning for a cold, rainy day just like that one. I was so cold. Chilled to the bone.

You were smooth... you warmed me up... and make me feel a little reckless and crazy. What a wonderful few hours I spent with you... I thought I would never forget you... the way you made me feel... the way you warmed my lips... the way you warmed all of me from head to toe. 

I planned to remember you always.

But life got busy. I graduated from college. I got married. I had a child. I had an ex-husband. I was a single parent. I was remarried. I had step-kids. I had another child. I had to deal with an ex-husband with a nucking futz wife. I dealt with crazy visitation schedules. I woke up every night for years trying to remember who was sleeping in my house that particular night.

I was busy. I forgot all about you. I'm sorry. That's not how I planned it.

Apparently I thought about you last year... for a short time... for a weekend or two... but then things were busy and you were shuttled to the back of my mind

Last night I decided to reconnect with you... and I found that as much as I loved the taste of you...  you didn't have much to give.

I sit here saddened by the fact that even though I thirst for more you are really gone...  This seems sad, cruel.. maybe even heartbreaking... 

But I did just notice something... something quite interesting... 

I see that you have a few very handsome brothers... I think I might try to get to know them. 

You wouldn't mind, would you, Bailey?
(Seriously? The bottle's empty? Dang... it works better than cough syrup...)


  1. The brother named Mint is delicious. And if you want to enjoy the men a bit more - you just gotta add a little somethin' somethin'.

    1 1/2 parts Baileys (I'll leave the 'parts' measurement up to you)
    1 1/2part vodka
    1/2 part Godiva Chocolate Liqeur

    Freeze glass for 10 min.
    Make a pretty design on cold glass with Hershey's syrup (or just dump some in)
    Shake and pour

    I promise, you'll rekindle that romance REAL fast.

  2. haha, i love this and I love Bailey's...so, so good!