Friday, December 14, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Hard to believe Christmas is so close.

On Wednesday I made the comment at my parents' lunch table that "Two weeks from today Christmas will be just a memory." The 96 year old lady across from me looked up and said, "Shut uuuuup!" Haha.... she's right... it's coming a little too quickly...

Linking up with Lauren from My Grey Desk to bring you the five highlights from my week:
1. My Christmas shopping is done... well, okay, maybe not... I know what I'm getting for everyone, so that's pretty much the same as being done, right? The tricky part for me is finding any time to actually get out of town and finish this stuff up... oh, and then I have to wrap stuff... and... well... I guess I'm a long way from being done. Dang.

2. I went to the dentist... well, going to the dentist doesn't thrill me, but I really like my hygienist. She's great... and she loves my salsa... so I always take her some... and we always swap drink recipes... (Can't remember if the last ones she told me about were called "Sip and Go Naked" or "Strip and Go Naked"... but it probably doesn't matter... that's probably a drink I will just avoid... Nobody wants to see that old, wrinkled, saggy business.)

3. I got to make salsa this week! This batch is hot and delicious and I don't really want to share it with anyone... except for my family... but really.... not even with them.

I'm flattered that the Stern German thinks this batch is one of the best ones yet (out of about 40)... and I've gotten used to sharing my salsa with him over the years... kind of...

But I really hate that the Angsty Teen now likes my salsa... Maybe if I keep making it hotter and hotter she will change her mind...

Or... maybe it's okay if each batch is eaten up sooner... it will give me an excuse to drink margaritas and make salsa a little more often! It could be worse.
4. We were able to spend some nice time with the Grand Boys this week.
We baked cookies on Monday...
Last night we took the oldest two to the varsity boys' hockey game because the Angsty Teen was playing in the pep band. Captain America and The Hulk protected us from getting hit by a puck...
The Zamboni! I love that thing... someday I want to ride on it.
The Grand Boy thought the perfect picture would
be of his Spiderman hat AND the Zamboni.
5. I'm grateful the the Angsty Teen usually practices her instruments... French horn, mellophone, trumpet, or recorder... UPSTAIRS... in her room with two doors closed between us...

But yesterday she wanted to play a song for me... This might actually put her on the Naughty List... wait, she might've already been there... 

You don't have to listen to the whole minute... it might make you want to shoot yourself in the face... as that might be slightly less painful than enduring the whole song... or maybe you could go pour yourself a glass of wine first... but that might not be quite enough to dull the pain... maybe a Vicodin and a glass of wine?

If you skip to the end you will get a brief tour of my living room... and see me loving the performance...

I really thought the Angsty Teen was going to start laughing part way through the "song"... because I thought she was being funny... that she knew it was kind of not so great.... Guess not.

That's all... finally. Hey, don't unfollow me... I'm sorry for that video... really. (Hey, Danavee, look what you have to look forward to soon!)

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. My brother is a zamboni driver - so I could maybe hook you up with a ride sometime..haha :)

  2. Haha, great list! I think the drink is called strip and go naked and they're yummy especially in the summer. Are you going to share the salsa recipe? I have one, but I'm interested to hear yours!

    Have a good weekend!