Friday, December 21, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! After today the Angsty Teen's Christmas vacation begins... she will be home for two weeks... and the Stern German's off of work until Wednesday... and Kati will be home on Sunday for over a week... some of these things are probably better than others. Just sayin'.

But if the world ends today... then none of that matters!

Actually the Stern German and I have big plans for tonight... first a cocktail party at my parents' assisted living place (starts at 5:30... everyone will be ready to go to bed by 6:30)... then we are going to meet up with some friends for a night out.

We don't really do stuff like that... well, mostly because we really don't have that many friends! Yay for us... not for not having that many friends... but for going out.

Now I'm ready to tell you the five highlights of my week... there were actually quite a few... so I'm not positive these are the top five... but they were pretty good.

1. The Grand Boy helped me bake some cookies... and he's getting good at it.

When I told him we were making chocolate cookies... he smiled... when I told him he was going to roll the balls of cookie dough in powdered sugar... he shuddered with excitement.

That kid discovered a great love of powdered sugar the week we made Puppy Chow. He would lick his finger and stick it in the bin... repeatedly.

We made my bloggy friend Michelle's cookies from her post last Friday... Check out the recipe here. She calls them Chocolate Pixie Cookies... they are pretty delicious.
Kind of puffy in the oven... but they flatten out.
The Grand Boy might have rolled his dough a little too long in his hot, little hands:
Pretty sure that's chocolate...
2. I have a good selection of meals planned for when Kati is home for Christmas.
It's always good to have a plan... even if several of the nights we go out for margaritas!
Some of the items are: 
Roast Beast 
Wild Rice Soup
Chicken Cacciatore 
Chicken Enchiladas
3. We survived our first snow day of the season.
I was kind of surprised that school was cancelled... it didn't seem that bad out.

I was trying to think of something that the Angsty Teen and I could do with my legally blind, geriatric, bariatric father... so I baked up some cut-out sugar cookies and made up a few containers of colored frosting.
A fine time was had by all...

4. The Angsty Teen took a nap on her first snow day of the season.
They don't lip off when they're asleep.
5. The Stern German came up with a winning mousetrap car on his third attempt... never mind that it wasn't really supposed to be his project... (and no angsty teens were harmed in the making of said project... I think the nap helped... or it could've been the glass of wine the Stern German had... maybe both).
Those are paint sticks for a five gallon bucket of paint.
That's kind of a big car...
Join me on Monday... if the world doesn't end... when I link up with Kati and Kate for:
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  1. Glad the cookies (finally) turned out! I made another whole batch of dough and stuck in the fridge so I can make a few (or 12) each day (don't tell my kids). I see you got a button row!! Yahoo! I'm adding yours now...
    Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Love the dinner planning with Kati :) Sounds like my mom and I. Its always nice to spend time with the family. And I have had my sleeping picture displayed to the world too. How did she feel about that :) ha ha. Looks like you had a great week!
    XO Brooke