Thursday, December 6, 2012

Irritating Infomercials

I kind of like infomercials...well...since I rarely watch TV I guess I don't see them very often.

But every once in a while I see them... and I watch for a few minutes... and then I watch for a few minutes more... and next thing you know I'm jotting down an 800 number.

Many years ago I ordered Proactiv for someone in my family to try. We got the monthly shipments for quite a few years. But there's always one product that you don't really use in the kit...and another one that you don't use up as fast as the after a free months you end up with a hodge podge of leftovers!

About five or six years ago I decided to try Bare Escentuals... Like with all these skin care or make up are put on a monthly subscription plan.

I distinctly remember being mocked by my daughter for getting suckered into ordering from an infomercial. I figured I could always send it back within the first thirty days if I wasn't happy with the products. (Yeah, right... I'd never get it sent back in time...) But I actually really liked it!

I am also the proud owner of a Magic Bullet... but a friend of mine had bought that somewhere... Walmart? And she didn't use it much so she passed it on to me... I used it a little... but I have a blender, a food processor, and a stick blender... so I've passed it on to Kati. She's used it a couple of times.

Oh, and don't forget my RoboStir... thanks, dad... (Read that story here.)

Well, a few days ago... after I actually got a workout in... No, clearly that wasn't on Monday when my workout space looked like this:
The Angsty Teen enjoyed her time in the basement over the weekend.
But a different day... as I was cooling down I switched the tv to the Food Network... but they had an informercial on... I watched... and watched... and thought, "I want to make/eat/look like/use that."

So I placed an order...

Can you guess which infomercial I was watching??

The descriptions are all pasted and copied... hence the variety of fonts/colors...from left to right -
Top row:
Slap Chop - Complete your kitchen chores easily and quickly with this Slap Chop. This chopper will chop your fruits, vegetables & nuts effortlessly. This handy tool is made from high-grade plastic and can be easily washed by hand. (i'd keep it away from your nuts...)
Gyro Bowl -the amazing spill-proof bowl that keeps food in place no matter how much your child spins, turns, dumps or drops the bowl. (Wow... I need a coffee cup like this...)
Lint Lizard Remove years of lint buildup from your dryer with the Lint Lizard. Just attach it to your vacuum hose, and its built-in fan nozzle easily removes lint from your lint catcher and dryer vent.
Resurgence Anti-Aging Skin Care (Joan Lunden)Combats the visible signs of hormonal aging to restore elasticity and a healthy, youthful glow.

Middle row:
Bake PopsMake delicious Bake Pops at home with this easy-to-use kit. 
Slushy Magic - There's no description to copy... but the box says "Slushify any drink!"
Meaningful Beauty skin care from Cindy Crawford and Dr. SebaghThe secret behind Meaningful Beauty® lies in the remote Luberon region in southern France, where researchers have cultivated a rare melon containing an extremely powerful super-antioxidant - super oxide dismutase (SOD).
In an Instant from Heidi Klumthe amazing wrinkle-erasing break-through that works, literally in seconds, to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Bottom row:
Reclaim Anti-Aging System from Victoria Principal helps keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful with an age-fighting system so powerful you'll see results you didn't think possible.
Luminess TanLuminess Tan is salon-quality airbrush tanning at home.
Facial Tonera new FDA cleared stimulation technology that is clinically demonstrated to rejuvenate the face to more youthful levels.
LightStim for Wrinklesis the same professional-style FDA-cleared LED light used by doctors in their offices.

Sources for these products: here, here, and here.

Those are the products... some look kind of good... I'm sure they all work wonderfully well... as well as all their claims...

Any guesses as to which on I ordered? Which ones look good to you? I'm curious if anyone else has ordered from an infomercial? Which ones have you seen that are the weirdest???
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  1. I have never ordered from an informercial. If I see something I might like, most of the stuff can be found in stores in the "As Seen on TV" section, so I have picked up a couple of those things. I don't know about you, but I might think about ordering the Slushy Magic. Wonder if that would make some tasty slushy adult beverages?

  2. I hate infomercials.

    I honestly hope that the Shamwow guy makes just enough money to hire security guards to accompany him whenever he leaves his house, because I am sure that most of the world wants to kick his smug face into a bloody pulp before soaking up the mess with one of his crappy yellow cloths.

    Read full rant here