Thursday, December 20, 2012

Long-Term Goals

It's important to have goals in life...

The last long-term goal I had was that I wanted to win a bubble blowing contest.

Yep, that was a big one. I'd had it for a while... and one day I heard about a bubble blowing contest at an A&W Root Beer stand about a mile from my house.

I rode my bike over there... clearly this was a few years ago... popped two pieces of Bazooka bubble gum in my mouth...
Yep, this was the best!
Side note: Bazooka was the best gum we had... who liked/likes that rock hard Double Bubble? It makes my gums hurt just thinking about it... There was no Hubba Bubba yet... that didn't come out until I was in high school. So Bazooka was the greatest... and there were Bazooka Joe comics inside... does anyone remember those??? And you could save up the comics to order prizes... I ordered a camera way back in the day... yes, they had cameras when I was a child.

And I totally dominated that thing. The winning bubble of mine? Bigger than my head! YEAH! WOOHOO!
No, that's not me... I hadn't earned that camera yet.

Basically what I'm saying is that I peaked... no I didn't peek... that was when I was a little older... when the church boys were getting their camp physicals... but I digress... I peaked... in second grade. Dang. That, in the vernacular of the day, kind of sucks.

After that I guess I've had more short-term goals than long-term goals. Like, on the day of said bubble blowing contest, my next goal was to get the gallon of A&W root beer that I won home on my bike without incident.

I also accomplished that goal... I guess you could say that was a pretty big day.

I still have goals, but they are short-term more than long-term goals.

For example... I want to make it through the day next hour without leaving a mark killing being rude to the Angsty Teen.

See, that's more of a short-term goal... it is actually more of a near-daily goal...

or, rather, a many-times-a-day goal, but I don't think I can make that a long-term goal.

It's easier to keep my eye on the prize an hour at a time... or in ten minute slots at a time... or in 60 second intervals... than it is to look at the whole day... or week... or month... or lifetime...

Right now I'm sitting in the darkened living room... quietly listening to Christmas music... gazing at my laptop screen and my pretty lit up Christmas tree just beyond it... enjoying the last glass of wine in the box...

And in comes the Angsty Teen... blasts the music... her favorite songs... which I generally like, just not at the moment... on the highest-of-highs volume level... turns on the bright, glaring overhead lights... speaking of glaring...

and sits down at the piano five feet away from me and is getting reading to attempt to play pretty much unrecognizable Christmas music. (Excuse me? You've had about seven months of piano lessons... about five years ago...)

Really? This was supposed to be my happy, little, quiet place...

But, I'm a mom... of an Angsty Teen... whom I love a lot... although maybe a little less now than I did ten minutes ago... and I probably don't get to dream of having a happy, little, quiet place until she goes off to college...

Wait... that's a long term goal, right?
Obviously MARvelous

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