Monday, December 3, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! (Week 32)

It's Sunday night... and I haven't been able to put any pictures on my blog because it says I have used up all of my free storage on Picasa. What?

Apparently anytime I put a picture on my blog it is saved to an online album. I know just enough to know how to get the pics on... but sometimes there are duplicates because I play around with the pictures... and all of the copies are saved... but since I'm not sure what picture I actually used I'm kind of afraid to delete any pictures.

If I delete the wrong ones, they will no longer be on my blog.

So I guess Google has me by the cajones.

I decided that instead of being totally stressed about trying to figure this out I will just pay the ransom to keep my blog going... For $2.50 a month I can increase my storage capabilities from 1G to 25G...

I don't know exactly how much either of those number are... but I know the 25G one will hold a lot more pictures... about 25 times more pictures, to be exact!

Fine, Google, take my money... let me get this post done and get to bed. You win... and at the moment you are reminding me of the cable guys from Janet Evanovich's books...

I'm linking up with Kati and Kate to tell you a little about my weekend:
Incorporating Color

1. I had to make a wholesome Renaissance peasant girl costume for the Angsty Teen.

The Good: She liked it and was happy... all of it was made out of curtains and tablecloths that I bought at the thrift store for $7.50!

She wore it on Saturday for a singing thingy... and she has to wear it a few more times this month.
No pattern... just cut and stitched... good enough.
The Bad: She looks a little more like a Colonial girl... but she thinks it's great... so I'm done.
(I think a laced-up vest would be perfect... but I have learned to not try to make her any happier.)
I wanted to stop at my favorite gift shop after she sang... so she came shopped in her costume. She carried my new wire baskets to the car... looks like she is ready to carry her butter and eggs to town.

The Ugly: Not every costume was great... I think ours was better than some.

2. I tried to purge magazines/files for awhile this weekend.

The Good: (This is REALLY good!) Found this in one of my files...
My Christmas/birthday money from last year from parents/in-laws.
and I found these crumpled at the bottom of my basket of books by my favorite chair...
Some of my Christma/birthdays money from the year before!
I kind of knew the money was around... but had temporarily forgotten about it! Life is just too crazy.

Also, I guess I can afford the stupid photo storage plan... just don't want to have to do this...

The Bad: Well, there wasn't anything bad about that!

The Ugly: I probably already spent the money and charged it to a credit card... oh well...

3. Sunday was our anniversary... 17 blissful years with the Stern German... bahahaha... okay... 17 interesting years... some days I think this is getting easier as he mellows with age... and other days...

The Good: We went to my favorite place to eat in town... margaritas and chicken fajitas... hey, that rhymes... I love children's books that rhyme... but I guess a book called Margaritas and Chicken Fajitas probably wouldn't be a good children's book title...

The Bad: Getting out the door was not so easy since I was on the phone with T-Mobile for 2 hours trying to resolve some phone issues. (Also "bad" is the fact that we had to do a factory reset on my phone... lost all my downloaded apps... which means I not only have to download them again... but try to figure out all my passwords... that's the tricky part.)

The Ugly: The Angsty Teen came along and she was OR.NER.Y.
She wouldn't order anything to eat or drink because she said she didn't want to be there...  and she wasn't hungry... and she wanted to go home... and... well, you get the idea...

Um... excuse me? No one made you come along. You chose to join us.

So I told her that if she wasn't going to eat or drink anything she should probably just walk home. The Stern German laid a house key on the table for her... she grabbed it... then she balked. She didn't want to walk home in the dark.

Don't call Social Services... I'm not a bad parent... we only live six blocks from the restaurant... she would've been fine... and anyway, if someone nabbed her... they wouldn't really keep her all that long... after a few hours of her bitchin' and whinin' they would probably pay me to take her off their hands...

I told her she was going to stay she had to eat something and be pleasant to be around.

So the Angsty Teen ordered a cheeseburger (they have the best ones in town). She was very clear that she was only going to eat a little of it and she would take the rest home. Ok... whatever.

She devoured 90% of the food on her plate... and that food made her so pleasant to be around. She was a totally happy camper. She did a great job of turning her attitude around...

That's my weekend in review... how was your weekend? Did you do anything great? Find any money?


  1. Yay for finding money!! That's always a good day. And happy anniversary :)

  2. That's the kind of stuff you LOVE to find when cleaning out old files. I always end up finding gift cards, almost as good.

    Cari @ Reach For The Star Berries
    Reach For The Star Berries

  3. That's awesome that you found all that money! Like winning the lottery! You should definitely do some shopping! :)