Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twelve Twelve Twelve!

Happy 12/12/12! This post is going to be up at 12:12 am... I'm hoping to be sleeping at that time.

Watch your clocks today... wait for it to be 12:12 pm... or 12:12:12... hope you find yourself doing something memorable. I will be eating lunch with my geriatric, bariatric parents and their table mates. I'm a party animal... pretty much.

But if my kids were around at 12:12:12 I would do something fun with them...

It's time for me to link up with:
... to tell you what I'm loving... or, in this case, also what I'm not loving...

I'm not loving... that Christmas is less than two weeks away... Even though I am doing pretty well at keeping it low-key... there's still a lot to do!

I'm not loving... that my mom waited until this week week to have her cataract surgery... Wish this could've been delayed another week or two... or done a month or two earlier. It's gonna be a couple  of abnormally busy days/weeks.

I'm loving...that I read a book! I used to read all the time...but last year I had cataract surgery on both prior to that I wasn't reading anything.

After was the holidays and then my dad had his stroke. And since then I feel like there just isn't time to read... or maybe my attention span isn't so great...

So when the Angsty Teen saw me sitting on my favorite chair holding a book...she screamed out, "You're reading a book?!?!" Just trying to keep her on her toes.
It was a pretty good read.
I'm loving my Christmas decorations.. and my Christmas playlist on my ipod! (Still pretty happy about getting that kind of, sort of figured out!)

I'm loving... that the Angsty Teen had an early pep band last night... and that the Stern German took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant for supper. (I just didn't feel the need to go to a hockey game tonight... going to hear her play at one on Thursday.)

I'm loving that Luis brought us each our own dish of salsa... good job!
Here's what I'm loving on Pinterest:

Peppermint Bark Martinis... sounds lovely.

I'm not a very crafty person... or, rather, my crafts rarely turn out like they looked in my mind... so maybe the problem is that I don't drink wine first... might have to try that!

It's a Winedeer! I think maybe I'll drink the wine and let someone else make the craft...

I made my first someecard!  My birthday is a few days after Christmas... story of my life:

Have a great day! What were you doing on 12:12:12?

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  1. That picture of chips and salsa made me miss good Mexican food. We can't find anything like that here in Arizona....