Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Today...

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Yesterday was a really, really, really long day... it wasn't necessarily a bad day... but nothing really went all that smoothly.... and it was really just little things... but it was constant... just dumb little things that just went wrong all day long...

and when I first sat down to write this... I wasn't really loving anything... but I talked to Kati and she helped me get started...

I'm loving my Christmas tree!
Why, yes, I did decorate it myself...
I think it's pretty... except for the top. The star I have is just too heavy... gotta come up with Plan B.

I'm loving my glass of wine as I look at my Christmas tree (Thanks, Kati, good advice.)

I'm really loving (that if things go the way they are supposed to) I'm going to get to visit Kati for the weekend!!!!!

We are going to drink wine, shop, make cocktails, go out to eat, and just laugh and probably mock people... we're pretty good at all of those things!

We have a few deals to use from:
to use on some of our meals and drinks!

I'm loving that I don't have to take care of anyone for a few days... that's really exciting!

I'm really, really loving that it's Kati's birthday today!

Kati is 23 today... she has made it through some not-so-great years... she has persevered through difficulty and is a young woman who loves Jesus and her mom (both are important). She is a kind sister and a good friend.

Kati is making great choices in life and is doing a wonderful job of creating her new grown-up life. I'm proud of her and love her abundantly.
Happy Birthday, Kati!
I'm loving these things on Pinterest:
My friend Michelle from You're my favorite today posted this recipe recently... wanna make those shrimp puffs!

These look really good too:

Baileys Brownies... yum.

And these things have made me laugh:

And this one:

Have a great day!


  1. I love the grocery store's so true!

  2. Love all of these things! Hope you get to go drink, visit...Kati. You deserve the break!

  3. ahahaah i love some ecards!! my fav! New follower here come check me out at

  4. Haha the tall glass of get over it. Love it. The Christmas tree looks fantastic!! Even if you did decorate it alone. Of course, wine makes everything look better.
    And happy birthday to Kati, you should be so proud for raising a wonderful lady!

  5. I love your Christmas tree. Awesome! Oh and great ecards--the one about not knowing what we want---awesome! :)

    Visiting from WILW!