Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

Happy Wednesday! Did you have a nice Christmas? My Christmas turned out to be pretty fine.

Linking up to tell you what I'm loving... and a little bit of what I'm not loving!
I'm not loving...
that at a surprise house-warming party for the Stern German's sister on Christmas day... she thought my present was a White Elephant gift.

Seriously? I thought it was nice... and that she would like it... that's why I bought it. It was the smaller of the two mercury glass cake plates shown.
But in front of about 35 people she guffawed and said that it must have come from one of her sisters because she "always gives stuff like this"... huh? Then she saw a sticker on it... found out it was from us... and said, "There's a sticker on it." "Uh, yeah..." I said, "It's new." Awkward.

I'm loving that... Christmas day was nice... The Stern German, Kati, and the Angsty Teen all fared quite well with a lot of togetherness time. We had lunch with my parents... drove 1 1/2 hours to the Stern German's sister's house... stayed there for four hours... and drove home again... and there was very little angst or drama.

These pictures make me smile... but you have to ignore the reflection of the lamp on the Angsty Teen's face/head!
Silly girls...
I'm loving that... I got some great gifts for Christmas!
The Stern German came through with this U.S. map picture I had my eye on (good job directing him, Angsty Teen):
I love looking at it. Read why here.

Kati gave me Whisky Stones (so drinks can be chilled and not diluted!)... I've been talking about these for years... thought the Stern German's son might make me some since he works at a granite place... but that hasn't been the case! Glad Kati got them for me...  and she gave me a nice moisture-wicking shirt with her school's name and mascot on it.

The Angsty Teen gave me a very thin silicone spatula for flipping things... it will work great on eggs and pancakes... both of which she will like!

Oh, and the Stern German came through with some superb stocking-stuffers for me! That is a Christmas miracle... well, that might be a little extreme... but he did well.

It was a nice day... a very wonderful Christmas.

What I'm loving... on Pinterest? Well, here's a couple things...  that's all I have time for today.
I'm not a fan of braggy Christmas letters...

I made these... they are delicious!

Wanna make these while Kati is home:

Yep, beauty will only get you so far in life...

Enjoy your day. Hope you had a great Christmas!

What were some of your best gifts?


  1. I love Mercury glass! I would have squealed in delight!!!!

  2. The cookies look delicious and the map is awesome! Glad you had a great Christmas!
    XO Brooke