Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blind Guy's Easy, Peasy Veggie Beef Soup

After I took my bariatric, geriatric father to work out yesterday morning... we came back to his place to make soup. It's his special soup. I call it Blind Guy's Easy, Peasy Veggie Beef Soup...

He just calls it "Tasty!"
He was so proud!
My dad has made this same soup recipe for a number of years. I think it's good... but the last few times we have made it at his place... after watching him dip his hands in the pot of veggies and snack away... I haven't exactly felt like trying it...

It's an easy recipe... and it always turns out the same.

I don't really make anything the same... ever... because I just tend to use what I have in the house for most recipes! But my dad sticks to the same ingredient list every single time he makes this soup.

Yesterday my dad and I made his Blind Guy's Easy, Peasy Vegetable Beef Soup.

Here's what we did... from left to write across each row of pictures:

1. Wash hands... yeah, wash 'em well... I've seen where those hands have been.

2. Add 1/2 cup uncooked wild rice... If you don't have access to wild rice... add long-cooking brown or white rice

3. Add 1/2 cup uncooked pearl barley... I don't know if I've ever even bought this... but it's good in this soup recipe

4. Add 1 lb. browned hamburger... venison? antelope? elk? bear? beef? Your call.

5. Chop up one onion and add to pan...Yes, I did give the blind guy a knife. He used to sell knives back in the 50s... he actually has some pretty sweet chopping skills... and we were only about a mile from the Emergency Room... so it was all good.

6. Cut up three carrots and throw in the pot. We didn't peel them... but the blind guy did find them to be appealing! He snacked on a bunch of those... so if you want to snack on the pieces... cut up four carrots.

7. Cut three ribs of celery and add to soup pot... He even snacked on a few pieces of these...

8. Cut one red pepper into bite-sized pieces... add to pot... I thought if he cut his finger off in the process of cutting up red pepper pieces it would be tough to tell... Even though the cutting board had turned a pretty shade of red... I'm pretty sure he hadn't cut his finger off. Oh, and he snacked on some of the red pepper pieces, too.

9. Add six cans of beef broth (low sodium in this case...)

Now, this is the weird easy part...

Put the covered soup pot on the burner and turn on at a medium to medium high heat.

Bring it to a rolling boil.

Once it is boiling... turn the burner off... keep the pan covered... and let it sit there for about an hour.

Now the soup is thoroughly cooked through... which is kind of surprising based on how long wild rice takes to cook.

Reheat and enjoy!

I thought that maybe, just maybe, this time I would take a quart of the soup home... my parents keep offering it to me...

After the soup was made... We left my dad napping yesterday afternoon while I took my mom to a couple of eye appointments in a neighboring town.

When we returned to their place... the soup was sitting out... and the blind guy... unable to find a spoon... apparently found a coffee cup and had dipped that into the soup pot and drank the soup out of the mug.

I'm not sure that he didn't do that more than once with the same mug... so I passed on taking soup home this time, too. Dang. Someday I would like to try that soup.

Blind Guy's Easy, Peasy Veggie Beef Soup
   1/2 cup wild rice
   1/2 cup pearl barley
   1 lb. browned burger
   1 onion - chopped
   3 carrots cut into bite-sized pieces
   3 ribs of celery cut into bite-sized pieces
   1 red pepper cut into bite-sized pieces
   6 cans of beef broth

Add all ingredients. Cover and bring to a rolling boil. Turn burner off. Leave soup on the burner for an hour. Reheat... and eat!

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