Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blue Carpeting

It's Thursday... and I was dreading trying to write this blog... because of my fuzzy computer screen. I could've gone into the office and used the family computer... but there isn't any heat in that room and the computer is really, really slow.

So, as I sat here trying to convince myself I could see well enough to blog on my Mac... my computer magically healed itself. Really... clear as can be. I didn't do anything different... it just decided to shape up. Yay!

Anyway, remember the goal I had for yesterday of organizing my junk drawer on steroids, aka the office? Let me tell you about my day...

  1. Started my day by getting the right tools for the job ready to go. The Stern German is a stickler for using the right tools for a job... so, I made sure I had a screwdriver handy. 
  2. Then I made an omelet for breakfast that the Stern German and I shared it... I may or may not have decided that another screwdriver was necessary for the job at hand... you know you always need several different types and sizes...
  3. After I had worked in the office for a while, I finally got around to making my coffee.
  4. After that I had to take my mom to a doctor's appointment and I took my dad to work out to loosen up his stiff muscles from his fall yesterday...
  5. When I got back home at lunch time, the Stern German suggested that we have a beer. Sometimes he has good ideas!
Dang, now my screen is fuzzy again... maybe I need to go get it checked out... wait, now it's better again!!! Kind of like magic...

Then I spent some more time in the office:
Starting at the top right corner, going counter-clockwise around the circle:
  1. I found a bag of forgotten potatoes by the doorway. I was very thankful that they had only sprouted and hadn't gotten all rotten... they had been on the carpet... oops.
  2. These are some of the boxes and bins I emptied yesterday! (The carpeting is blue! Who knew?)
  3. Then I got the card catalogs (Do any of you younger readers even remember using these?) up off the floor, put stuff into them, and made temporary labels for them. They are going to work out great... They hold lots of little treasures.
  4. This is what I made for supper... and it was a fantastic meal! Asian Glazed Chicken Thighs and Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce. Soooo good.
So that was my day... It was a pretty good day. Even with lots of interruptions I felt as if I accomplished quite a bit. Woohoo!

Unfortunately, there's still a lot left to do in that room... but... I will keep at it. And, I will remember to keep the right tools handy... just sayin'.

Obviously MARvelous


  1. Where did you get the card catalog? I love that! Great idea for, treasures...

  2. Can you post the recipes for that dinner. Asian glazed chicken thigh and spicy peanut noodles sounds delicious.
    Thank you