Friday, January 11, 2013

High Five for Friday!

The days go by fast... and here it is already time for me to tell you the five highlights of my week!

1. I made a bourbon dessert!
Earlier this week I wrote about the "23 Thanksgiving Desserts That Are Full of Bourbon" article I had found.

No, I didn't make any of those 23 things... but I did make Banana Bars... with delicious frosting... Browned Butter Frosting... which I may or may not have spiked with the Stern German's expensive bourbon I gave him for Christmas... (He'll never miss a couple ounces tablespoons...)

I should've browned the butter more... but I was afraid it would burn.
2. I figured out a great place to set my computer when I'm needing it in the kitchen for a recipe or music.
I set it up on my gorgeous cake plate (That was one of set of two of an over-compensation present from the Stern German when he didn't do so well with Mother's Day...)  The pedestal plate keeps my computer up and out of the way!
Gotta remember not to use the burners next to it.
3. I worked out four mornings this week... Shaun T. and me.

Shaun T. talks constantly in this series... sometimes that's good, because he tells me what to do next... but sometimes it's just distracting... and, no, I don't quite look like that girl yet... dang... What the heck? It's been four days already. Where is my Rockin' Body?????

4. I've loved reading Kati's blog posts this week... especially "Stuff Kids Say: Part III" and "You Found My Blog... HOW?"
Incorporating Color
She's hilarious.
5. The Angsty Teen came home from volleyball practice at 10 pm last night.... happy.
That's just not a real thing... well, apparently it is... yay! She had a good practice and her knee wasn't hurting too badly.

Speaking of hurting... I have a pain... not in the neck... well, I mean he's always around... but I have a pain in my arm... so if I don't post anything on Monday it means I probably had a heart attack... that's a symptom, right? 

No, I'll be fine... I'm just achy in the evening... think I'm fighting off an illness... but I don't think I'll check out my symptoms on Web MD... pretty sure it's minor... Don't need to go all crazy thinking that the end is near... There's a distinct possibility I'm just exhausted.

So maybe this weekend I will be able to get a little extra rest... hahaha... good one...

Today I linkup up with Lauren for High Five for Friday... but couldn't find the button...

Hope you have a great weekend! Find me on Monday when I link up with Kati and Kate for:

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  1. Ohhhh my gosh browned butter bourbon frosting?!! That sounds amazing! Love the diet quote too :) Happy Friday!

  2. I love that you too have an appreciation for E Cards. They crack me up and I love reading the ones on your page!
    Kati's post were hilarious I would agree! I am sure it is a blast when you two get together!
    Happy Friday! XO

  3. Funny, but true, ecards! Love them...hope the pain is gone in the am. ...J

  4. BAHAHHAHAHA I love your skinny ecard! I normally only succeed with a diet when I think about it first. The first time I need to eat, I am no longer dieting! haha!

  5. hahha there are so many funny things on this post I loved reading it!