Friday, January 18, 2013

High Five for Friday!

It really seems like Friday was just here... in some ways. But it has been a jam-packed, sleep deprived kind of week.. and I do have some highlights to share with you!

I'm linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk, but once, again, I couldn't find a button for the linkup. Did you see it? Where?

Here are five highlights of my v e ry  l o n g  w e e k:

1. My mom is doing pretty well... for a bariatric, geriatric, diabetic 82 year old who had her gall bladder removed and a hernia repaired as an out-patient.

2. I'm thrilled that when I finally called my Dirty Rotten Lyin' Brother (another story for another day... actually lots of stories for lots of days...) to tell him about my mom's surgery (after the fact) he didn't say he would come up to help! (Cue Hallelujah Chorus)
Doesn't really look like him... looks more like me and my reaction if he was coming to town.
Actually, it does kind of look like him in a few years...
Not that I thought he would ever offer... but there's always that every-so-marginally-slim chance. Help would be so nice... not having help is sometimes nicer...Having him here would only make things so much harder.

3. I actually was able to take the time to complete a Kakuro puzzle.
Kind of like Sudoku... but not.
Completed it!
Have you seen these? I haven't done one in a very long time because I just don't feel I have the time. And, sometimes I don't have the attention span anymore. But, I had lots of time to sit and wait on Tuesday while I was with my mom at the hospital.

I really like them. (Hey, Kati, remember when I first started them and we were on our first spring break trip together to Denver? I'm pretty sure I remember you laughing at me for doing them... and now you're a believer!)

4. I finally remembered to renew my driver's license!

It was fine to go get my picture taken for it after two nights of very little sleep...Because:

a. If I waited 'til I was well-rested, a good hair day, & thought I looked good... I would never get there.

b. I would never have that great of a license picture, so what difference does it make if I start out looking not-so-great?

c. If I got in trouble for not renewing it, I might have to take a taxi in my town...  This one was blocking my car at the DMV:
Really? A DUI license plate? No, thanks, I would walk.
5. The Stern German and I are meeting friends for supper at my FAVORITE place tonight!!!
The waiters bring me a margarita as soon as I sit down.
I love those guys!
That pretty much sums up my week. Hope yours was good.

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Do you like margaritas? Blended or on the rocks?


  1. I totally hear you about how help would be nice but sometimes no help is better. And I would not get in that taxi! Yikes!!

    Happy Friday,

  2. MMM - that Margarita looks delish! The servers at our favorite Mexican place automatically bring us our cheese dip and have my order memorized, so I know how it good that can feel after a long and difficult week!

    I prefer my margaritas on the rocks and with lots of yummy alcohol - but I'm not too picky, I'd take one blended, too!

    The button for the link-up moved - it's now on Lauren's "SHARE" page. Just look for the link that says "SHARE" at the top of her blog, and it's in there :) I had to look for a while, too, and thought I was going bonkers. ha!

    Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!


  3. I hate number things like sudoku. But I suppose they are great for passing time and if it is something you enjoy :)

  4. glad your week was good, and that your mom is doing okay.
    congrats on that tough puzzle!

  5. Where do you find a restaurant that gives you a margarita as soon as you sit down. Officially declared as best restaurant ever. Your mom sounds like she is doing great!