Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jesus Sighting

On Tuesday I told you about Jesus Toast... and other Jesus-in-food sightings. Oh, and about a kid in the Angsty Teen's grade named Jesus.

I was going to tell you about my recent sighting of Jesus in my little town... but I was too tired.

I'm still really tired. Tuesday and Wednesday nights I got about four hours of sleep each night. So... I might have to keep this short and sweet. (FYI: My mom's doing well after her surgery.)

Source: via Sally on Pinterest

Last week the Angsty Teen played in the pep band... for a wrestling meet... Yeah, for a wrestling meet! Based on all view the boys in their leotards bodysuits singlets... it could probably be called a wrestling meat... just sayin'.
Pep bands make sporting events more fun!
Anyway, we stayed for the whole meat meet even after the band finished playing because at that point there were only three wrestlers left to go. I would have felt bad walking out at that point. (Small town... Minnesota nice... yep, you betcha.)

As we were walking out... I saw JESUS!

No, not the boy in the Angsty Teen's grade. I saw our town's second immaculately conceived child. No joke.

A few years ago a lady that works in one of the liquor stores here told me her daughter who was just out of high school was pregnant... and with a straight face... she told me that the girl and her boyfriend had never had sex.

I started laughing because I thought she was joking. Apparently she wasn't joking. They had a baby. Then they got married and now I think they are finally having sex.

Well, about a year and a half ago... we had another immaculate conception in town. This time the parents of the impregnated one were also telling everyone that their daughter (who graduated a year ahead of Kati and so she had already been out of high school for 3 1/2 years) and her boyfriend never had sex...

Apparently, they were "kissing and he got too excited and she was wearing really loose gym shorts." True story. Well, I mean that is what they were telling people... but I don't think that could be a true story! I believe the kissing and getting excited part... and the really loose gym shorts... but...

And as we were leaving the wrestling match I saw the new young mom and the boyfriend with the baby. Fortunately, my brain engaged before my mouth could holler out, "It's JESUS!"

Do I believe there was a vigin birth? Yep, a long time ago.

Do I believe it happens today? Haha. Yeah, right. Is that a serious question? I think the greater questions is "Do I believe they found three wise men?"

Obviously MARvelous


  1. That's one of my favorite stories from your small town! It reminds me of the time my friend announced on facebook (immediately after delivery) that her 8+ pound baby was born a whopping EIGHT WEEKS early, in order to try and make the dates line up :)

  2. How in the world do you keep your daughters from getting knocked up if it can just happen by wearing loose gym shorts now?! Ha! Great story and I am happy to hear your mom is doing well.


  3. I hope this link comes through:

    It's a picture of a new Jesus sighting. LOL

    Kelly Young

  4. My favorite part of this story (other than the immaculate conceptions) is that you included the important detail of "...that works in one of the liquor stores here" about the lady. Helps build her character (and yours - haha) immensely!

  5. I can't believe the parents were telling people this. I found you on Thirsty Thursday.