Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jesus Toast

There is a boy in the Angsty Teen's grade name Hay-Seuss (Yep, as in Dr. Seuss.) Except that his name is spelled Jesus. That's a pretty common name in Hispanic communities, but up until recently he was the only Jesus in my town... that I had personally seen.

(One day, a while ago, the Angsty Teen had a substitute teacher and the teacher was taking attendance... "Is Jesus here?" she asked. "He died," Hey-Seuess said. I told the Angsty Teen that she should have said, "He didn't stay dead, though... He rose again!" But... she didn't say anything.)

Do lots of people see Jesus? I remember teaching a Sunday school lesson to Kati's age group when she was in high school. It started with a great video about a kid making a grilled cheese sandwich... and Jesus was on the grilled bread. He tried to sell it online... and before he could ship it to the highest bidder, the kid's dad ate the Jesus sandwich... dang.

In 2006 an Ohio man claimed to see Jesus in his toast:
I can't see it... I'm missing it... I see a goldfish or a flower or something. Wait, maybe it's there... that is a weird looking Jesus... just sayin'. 

Apparently it was later proven to be a hoax... you can read more about that here.

Then there was the guy from Texas who claimed to have found the face of Jesus etched in his frying pan:
I see this one.
Wonder if he will sell it?

You, yes... you,  could actually make Jesus toast every single day! There is a Jesus Toaster for sale on Amazon for under $35... that would've been a great Christmas gift... for someone... We don't really eat much toast. And, I think I wouldn't be able to eat it if Jesus was on it.
Order it here!
Go to cooltoast.com to read about the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich that brought it's owner luck in the casinos, never got moldy, and sold for a lot of money. That worked out well for that person.

This wasn't on bread... or on a pan... but I saw Jesus recently in my town...

Since I'm tired and my geriatric mother has surgery scheduled later today and I have to get up at 4:15 am... I'm going to bed and I will tell you about seeing Jesus another day...

Check back on Thursday.


  1. I bet when that sub hear Jesus died she thought a student died! I can only imagine the confusion. And that guy with that pan shouldn't use it any more. The coating is coming off! HA!

    Found you on the MN Bloggers site and am your newest follower! Stop by and say hi!

    Best wishes to your mom.

  2. Oh man, I'd love to have that toaster! I used to have a Hello Kitty toaster, that cooked her face into the bread. I'm also after this Domo toaster:


    Nice to meet ya!