Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Bourbon Diet

Have you ever heard of Mental Floss? It's a magazine that I really like it.

Well, I don't actually get the magazine or ever buy it... but once there was a copy in the free bin at the public library where I was the Storytime Goddess (no, that title never really caught on...) and I grabbed it.

I loved it... but I've never subscribed to it because I know I would never find time to read it. But every once in a while I go on their website and read an article... and I do subscribe to their Tweets... and those are always interesting.

While spending a couple minutes on the Mental Floss site last night... I found something that I had missed last fall. The fact that I had missed it made me incredibly sad.

It was link to an article on another website for "23 Thanksgiving Desserts That Are Full Of Bourbon" and I want to make them all.

Here are a few examples:

Sweet Potato Pecan (& Bourbon) pie:
Source: buzzfeed.com via Sally on Pinterest

Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake
Source: buzzfeed.com via Sally on Pinterest

Bourbon Street Milkshake
Source: buzzfeed.com via Sally on Pinterest

Those are three of the desserts... I actually pinned all 23 of them to a new Pinterest board I created for Bourbon Desserts!

I don't know if I even like bourbon... but I'm willing to try it... and the desserts, too!  And since I'm not a quitter... I would like to try all of those desserts.

It would have been nice to have make one of those desserts for Thanksgiving... but there's always next year... or should I say this year?

Maybe I should get on it now... make one delightful bourbon dessert a week and then by Thanksgiving 2013 I will know which ones are the best.

I better go get some bourbon... I think I gave the Stern German a bottle of bourbon for Christmas... I should probably get my own for this project.

So much for trying to lose weight... that's a lot of desserts... is there such a thing as a Bourbon Diet?

Wait... yes, there is a Bourbon Diet! I just Googled it. (You should click on that link and read it!) If you are hungry, you pour yourself an ounce of bourbon... if you are still hungry... well, you should just read it yourself.

At the end of the diet plan it says "Good luck and enjoy that slimmer, trimmer, way cooler you!" Sign me up! I would love to be slimmer, trimmer, and way cooler.

It's a great blog post... and I suppose it could be an effective weight-loss plan... but like my bariatric, geriatric father always said... "I went on the Drinking Man's Diet... I didn't lose any weight... and now I have two problems!"

Don't think I will try this.

But it's always an option.


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  1. These all look amazing! Who would of known of the Bourbon diet? Yummo!
    Xo Brooke