Monday, January 14, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...

As I write this... it's Sunday night... and it's gonna be Monday.... soon.

I don't mind Monday on the whole... the Stern German heads to work... the Angsty Teen heads back to school... and I just keep doing what I do every other single, cotton-picking day of the week.

But it is time to be linking up with Kati and Kate for:
Incorporating Color
So here's the scoop on my weekend:
1. On Friday my mom had a pre-op surgery appointment.

The Good:
Mom is ready for surgery on Friday.

The Bad:
Well, not quite yet... they called back, want her to change some meds, and have two more appointments... Wish I got paid per doctor visit...

The Ugly:
My mom didn't bring her hearing aid.

Really? I mean, REALLY? REALLY? REALLY???


2. I was getting ready to go to teach preschool Sunday school. 
The other two people I teach with were both out of town. There was one person lined up to help me.

The Good: 
I was on track to be there early and was pretty much prepared.

The Bad:
The phone rang...

Well, that's not always bad... but sometimes it is my mom calling with a problem... but while the Stern German answered the phone I convinced myself that maybe she was calling because they were wanting to be picked up to go to church...

The Ugly: Nope... it was bad news. My mom needed to go to the Emergency Room...

3. I got my mom to the ER in record time.

The Good:
I didn't have to teach Sunday School... (Just for the record: I would rather have taught Sunday school.) and the cop that was behind me for most of the way to the hospital didn't pull me over...

The Bad: 
The Stern German and the Angsty Teen filled in for me at preschool Sunday school.

The Ugly:
The Stern German and the Angsty Teen survived their preschool Sunday school experience with nearly 20 kids... it was described to me as "controlled chaos!" Welcome to my world.

(And to the parents of the little boy who put a crown on his head and yelled, "I'm a queen, I'm a queen!"... I think he will grow up to be just fine...)

4. I watched some of the Golden Globe Awards.

The Good:
I caught a brief glimpse of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey... they were the only reason I watched.

The Bad:
I had only seen one of the movies mentioned... oops.

The Ugly:
Coughed so much I couldn't really hear the show. (Is alcohol a cough suppresent?)

So that meant it was time to turn the tv off... and try the alcohol/cough suppresent theory of medicine.

The Stern German wanted me to try brandy... I opted for an Amaretto Sour... or two... or...

I'll be sleeping in no time... Good night.

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  1. Your story about the kid with the crown reminds me of Kati's student who was prancing around her room wearing a tiara :)

    I didn't even watch the Golden Globes, seeing as I've been to maybe two? movies in the past year. It probably would have been worth it to see Amy and Tina, though. Oh well!