Tuesday, January 29, 2013

True Confessions...

I'm having a hard time reading what I'm writing... something happened to my computer screen... and it is really fuzzy and hard to read... dang...

Wait... maybe my glasses are just really dirty... nope... well, I mean, they were really dirty, but cleaning them didn't help the problem. I'm not sure what to do... so for now, I'm just gonna ignore it. Such a good plan. I'm secretly hoping that it will heal itself within a few days.

Anyway, tomorrow the Stern German is taking the day off of work... and no, that'll be a Wednesday... not a Tuesday!

We have a plan for our day, it's not very exciting... but it is necessary.

We have a junk drawer in our house... a really, really big junk drawer. Okay, it's a room in our house that we call our office. It's kind of like a junk drawer... on steroids.

It has the family computer, an open IKEA closet that we put in for winter coats (why anyone would add an attached garage to a house and not put a coat closet anywhere near the back door is beyond me),,, extra hats/mittens/scarves, a craft/sewing area, and a desk.

It also has had added to it, over the past three years, stuff from my parents'' house, stuff from the Stern German's parents'' house, stuff of mine from my library job that I had kept at work, some card catalogs that I bought, along with a nicely sized heap of stuff for the Grand Boys. Gift wrapping stuff resides there along with books, boxes I might need to use to mail stuff to Kati, our collections of computer games and CDs, extra shoes and boots, plenty of lunch boxes and rain ponchos, and a lot more miscellaneous treasures.

There are boxes of the Stern German's that haven't been unpacked since we moved into this house... about nine years ago... he is pretty sure he can get rid of stuff... maybe one of the many electrical code books from the 70s? You know... if we strapped a couple of those together we wouldn't need to buy another booster seat for the middle Grand Boy...

See? That''s kind of how it goes... I know I will see things that I will be pretty sure I can use down the road... and I will want to keep them. But, I need to be ruthless in my quest for a cleaner, usable space. I must be diligent in my pursuit of an organized room... wait... what? I can't get rid of that sombrero... in fifth grade the Grand Boys will need it for school...

And, I'm pretty sure that someday I will get that project completed with all those bottle caps... and...those pipe cleaners are so colorful...oh, I can't throw away all those corks... Have you seen those projects on Pinterest?

Damn, I need to get a grip.

With my life being so crazy with helping my parents constantly, I really never take a block of time and deal with this room.

Kati and I had tackled the room a year or so ago... and we made some great progress... finished up... then life just continued on at an even crazier pace and that room continued to be a dumping ground for anything and everything.

The Ang;sty Teen is great at going in there and finding things she needs for projects... but she's not so great at putting stuff back where it belongs. I'm usually sometimes in such a hurry that I don't get stuff back where it belongs... and so, this room is a Disaster Area.

So much crap...

And our goal is to empty the room... and only put back in about 1/2 of the stuff that is in there now.

The major obstacle is that the Stern German and I don't usually do home projects together... they just never go all that well... so, by the end of the day... or maybe by 10:00 am we will probably already be wanting to quit... or drink... or both...

Maybe we will both be happier doing this project together, albeit less productive, if we start the day with a drink... just kidding... but not really...

Maybe we need to come up with a fun drinking game to help us keep at the project as the day wears on... hmmm... any ideas?

We could have a drink every time we fill a garbage bag with stuff to donate... or with stuff to throw away... that might keep me motivated.

Or every time the Stern German ticks me off, I can have a drink... Well, that would be a great plan, except for the fact that I would be worthless by 9:05... assuming we don't start until 8:30...

Okay... I've been stalling... I'm not sure I really want to show you a "before" picture... but I'm here to make you feel better about your pile in the corner,,, or your junk heap... You may thank me later.

To keep myself accountable, I will show you the picture... Are you ready?
Those windows look into the dining room.
We only invite short people over...
There it is... tomorrow's gonna be a long day. Wish me luck.

 I think I need a drink already...


  1. haha, good luck! I packed up 2 big bags of clothes that I've been holding onto for like 7 years...time to let go!

    I think a drinking game is a great idea!

  2. Good luck! I actually set a timer for myself for each task and try to do the work in the time given. Don't make it too short or too long, just an average time. Half hour for this, half hour for that. If you accomplish the task in the time limit then you drink? Like a reward. You and the Stern German could even compete on who gets done with what in the time given? Just an idea. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Maybe your goal is to show us all how nice and organized it is the next day?
    Again good luck and happy cleaning!

  3. Hmmmm, this looks very much like my office. A very daunting task, indeed. I keep saying I am going to get rid of off of this crap, but, honestly, I don't know where to start, I get overwhelmed, then I say forget it, I will do it next week!
    Good luck! My guy wouldn't even volunteer to help!

  4. I love that picture of your room. I'm not even kidding when I say our basement looks just like that right now! Every time we try to tackle it, it's 1 step forward, 2 steps back. *sigh*

  5. we all have a room like this somewhere in our house!! good luck cleaning it out, you- me, my mom... we are all going to get along just fine! ;)