Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I Thought I'd Be Loving Wednesday...

Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to think for a while to come up with what I'm actually loving today... let me start by telling you what I thought I would be loving and what I'm NOT loving...

I thought that since cleaning out the office seemed like such a huge, overwhelming project that getting a four hour jump start on the project the day before would be a great thing. So...

I thought I'd be loving... the fact that the Stern German would've been home from work by 2:30 yesterday... we would've had a quick, Good Luck, Here's-To-Us cocktail... and we would've jumped right into emptying that office. (See yesterday's post for more info.)

I thought I'd be loving... that by the tine I went to bed last night that most of the boxes and varying piles of junk would've been removed from said office.

I thought I'd be loving... waking up this morning to a great start on the project... and getting to sleep in a bit because the Angsty Teen doesn't have to be at school early for any activity today.


I'm not loving that... earlier yesterday when my mother laid out her pills for the day and went to get my dad a drink of lemonade from the refrigerator, she got back to the table and he had taken all her meds. (Serioiusly? I've heard her tell him three and four times a day to take his pills.. but today he just reached across the table to take hers??? Is he nuts?? Did they look like candy???)

I'm not loving that... when the Stern German texted me before he drove away from work, "Ready to sit down with me and have a cold one before we start on that room?" that I was on my way to the Emergency Room at our local hospital.

I'm not loving that... my dad was weak yesterday... maybe from the wrong meds?????" and that he fell in his apartment... and that we spent the afternoon in the ER.

I'm loving that... my dad's x-rays came back showing no signs of any breaks.

I'm loving that... my parents were willing to push the call button for help last night so that I didn't have to sleep, or not sleep as the case would be, on their loveseat. (That's why you live in an assisted living place... because there's help available... and yes, it does cost extra... we will take that out of my brother's half of any inheritance that's left...)

I'm not loving that... the room doesn't really look much different this morning than it did yesterday morning.

I'm not loving that... the Angsty Teen thinks she is, once again, concussed. (Once again as in once, or twice, before thought she was... not that she actually was...)

I'm not loving that... the Angsty Teen apparently needed to be at school early today after all...

I'm not loving that... the Stern German now says that we are not going to empty everything out of the office into the garage. Apparently he thinks that if we put everything out there on his side of the garage that he will NEVER get to park in the garage for the rest of the winter... or maybe he said for the rest of this year...

I guess he thinks that we don't really have any control over our time... and that the project will never, ever, ever actually get done.

I have no idea why he would think that. What a negative person.... My days are totally my own... I just do what I want to do... hahahahaha.....

I'm loving that... even though the project won't get done today... or even get close to being done today... or maybe even really get started today... I'm loving that the Stern German has a clear understanding of what my life is really like.

I'll let you know if we get this project underway.

Well, here's what I'm loving on Pinterest this week:
I'm definitely loving this kid...
"Don't stop believing... unless your dream is stupid..." -Journey

That's definitely what I wanted to have for supper last night.

Substitute "life" for "job" and it could be my mantra from yesterday... and last week... and the month before, too...

Hoping to start my day out with something good in my cup... maybe a mimosa... or maybe just some good coffee...

So, I doubt any of you feel like your days ever really go the way you hoped, planned, or wanted them to go... I am definitely right there with you. Sometimes I want to scream... sometimes I want to drink excessively... but mostly I realize that it could be so much worse, and there are sweet memories (and non-financial rewards... damn...) for the choice my family and I have made in regard to caring for my parents. But it's just so exhausting...

But, they won't live forever.... right? RIGHT?

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