Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It is so hard to keep track of what day of the week it is with all the holidays... but I do know that today could be a great day... or not, I guess.

The Stern German is at work... and the Angsty Teen is at school (we have a pathetically short break) and... I am going to stay at home and drink mimosas... oh, wait, my bariatric, geriatric father is probably in the mood to go to Walmart. (His motto? If they don't have it, we don't need it!)

So, I guess we are back to our day-to-day lives... Dang.

Today is my day to tell you what I'm loving... and to link up with:
I'm loving that... when Kati was home I/we got to make:
Bean and Ham Soup
Minestrone Soup
Roast Beast dinner 
(might've actually been beef this time...)
Wild Rice Soup (Regular)
Wild Rice Soup (Gluten-free)
Oyster Stew
Gluten-free Bread (in my bread machine)
Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate Trifle
Cake Balls
Chocolate Pixie Cookies
Gluten-Free Lasagna (made this twice!)
Lots of delicious Cosmos
Blackberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake
Eggs Benedict

That's a pretty good list... and I'm sure I forgot some things... but the list of things I wanted to make was a whole lot longer! I think my goals are a little too lofty sometimes!

I'm loving that... Christmas gifts on the whole were appreciated by all...

I'm loving that... on New Year's Day morning I got to have a couple hours at home... alone. I didn't sit and do nothing... but I cleaned up my kitchen, made my coffee, made a Blackberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, cleaned up my kitchen again, and THEN sat down for a few minutes.

I'm loving that... my watchful neighbor has been out of town for over a week... but tonight we have to either close the curtains... or wear clothes.

Things I'm loving on Pinterest...
I posted this pin yesterday... but it's soooo true. I always had great New Year's Eve plans in junior high... and in high school I was usually sick over New Year's Eve... but I don't really remember any year's celebration being all that spectacular after that.

I'm okay with a low-key celebration... after all, once midnight hit this year... it was TUESDAY!

That would be how it would go for me!

 So true... I don't ever make New Year's resolutions... any day is a good day to decide to make a change... doesn't have to be on January 1st... Do you make New Year's resolutions? Do you ever keep them for very long?

Yeah, no flying cars... or time travel... but I do love my leopard print, red fabric lined velour plush snuggie-type blanket from Pier 1... classy stuff.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season... Was it crazy? Did you give/get some great gifts?

Did you make some great memories for yourself and/or your family?


  1. you did a lot of cooking! omg!
    i've been craving eggs Benedict lately ... and i don't even LIKE eggs Benedict. weird right?
    happy new year!

  2. Ummm...that is a lot of cooking!!! But it all sounds absolutely devine!! I love reading someecards!! They make me laugh so hard. Hope your new year is off to a great start.