Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's time for me to link up with Jamie and tell you what I'm loving this week!

I'm loving that... if everything works out according to my plan... which, not to sound defeatist... but things rarely seem to go the way I think they will, I am going out of town.

I'm loving that... the Angsty Teen isn't getting sicker. She's fine... it's just a cold... so... I am going out of town.

I'm loving that... the Angsty Teen didn't get hurt at volleyball practice last night... so I am still going out of town.

I'm loving that... my mom is doing better... so that means... I am going out of town.

I'm loving that... my dad is holding his own for the moment... so, probably... I am going out of town.

I'm loving that... this little get away might really, truly happen! (Yep, I'm going out of town!)

Here's what I'm loving on Pinterest this week:

Bahaha! I know a few people that this would apply to... and, yes, some of them are related to me.

Moving on to Lance... this story is dying out... but people aren't very happy with him. He has never been one of my favorite people... I would never let the Angsty Teen even buy Livestrong stuff... Infidelity has always been a deal breaker for me...

Manly Library? I want to go to there!

Haha... this one made me laugh.

I really don't understand how hitting LIKE can prove to anyone how I feel about Jesus! Crazy... or cray? (Look how hip and cool I am!)

Yep, I am selectively social. Hopefully for the next 24+ hours I will get to be with someone I thoroughly enjoy being with... ME!

If you are reading this before noon... know that the whole time I am taking the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric, blind guy to Walmart this morning... I'm hoping and praying that no one gets injured or hurt in any way... I am doing my best to get out of town... Not even an arse-wiping job can bring down this happy girl...

If you are reading this after noon... I might actually be on my way! Woohoo!

Wish me luck! (Not on the abovementioned arse wiping... on getting the heck out of Dodge...)

Because... I am going out of town!


  1. Some of those were really funny...the 'laugh out loud' kind of funny! Good finds!