Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! Today I link up with:

So let me tell you what I'm loving this week:

I'm loving that... my Christmas tree is still up. I love looking at it at night when it is all lit up... but I will get it down soonishly... maybe later today.

I'm loving that... I have two gift certificates to use at my favorite store in my town! (Hey, if you are one of the three people from my town that read this blog... it's zinnias... get thee to there.)

I'm loving that... the Stern German bought me this great piece of artwork for Christmas from that same store!
Can I just tell you for a moment how much I love this print??? I'm looking forward to actually getting it hung on the wall before it tips off the piano...

I'm loving that... the Angsty Teen is reading my blog... well, actually... I don't love that so much... but she has been very pleasant... maybe it's because she doesn't want to read about herself? But, seriously, I'm running out of material here, kid.

I'm loving that... in about two or three weeks life will be a little simpler. By then my mom will have had her surgery and will be up and around and able to do more in life... Oh, crap, who am I kidding? It won't be any different than it is now... dang. Better keep the shelves well-stocked with wine...

I'm loving that... I found these things on Pinterest this week:

Yeah, I love it when people use commas correctly.

That is true...

That is also very true. Stupid people have way too much self-confidence. Word.

And in closing...

Such good advice...

Oh, and I also love all 23 recipes for bourbon desserts that I pinned! Hoping to make my first one soon.

Well, I hope your day is great. Watch out for the idiots, the stupid folks, and the crazies!


  1. The last pin is SO true! Even after burning the bridges sometimes they still follow you!

  2. haha.. LOVE the last one! And I don't blame you for keeping your tree up! When you take everything down, it looks so boring!


  3. Coming over from the link-up! such a cute blog!

    come say hello over at :)


  4. Haha love those last few pins!!

    That is a very cool print of the US

  5. just stopping by to invite you to join a google plus community for Minnesota bloggers, like the two if us. If you're like me it'd be nice to have a little blogging community and maybe even meet up in real like someday! Hope to see you there! Just head to google plus and search "Minnesota blogger" in the communities. Ps- if you'd like to check out my blog, here's the address:

    Ps--your blog is really fun!

  6. That last one is definitely my favorite!! Glad the Angsty Teen is being pleasant, but I do love the stories...

  7. Ha...SO true about stupid people being full of confidence! Love it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog--I'm your newest follower! :)