Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where am I?

It is Thursday morning... and I. am. not. at. home!

Even though my dad needed to go to the doctor for an unplanned appointment yesterday morning... and my mom needed more help than I thought she would need... I did get out of town!

I left town... and drove to the Twin Cities... thinking I would stop for a pedicure at a place I had seen from the highway. But... the exit was after I'd driven by the place... and after going a few more miles, I didn't feel like turning around.

So, I went right to my hotel... $34 on Priceline!!!! I love Priceline.
It's all for meeeee!
 It has a HUGE waterpark... in fact... it has the largest one in the area! (Hey, Angsty Teen, it's the one we drive by near the Mall of America!!!!)

I read up on the waterpark... and from 9-11:00 am... hotel guests have it all to themselves... I was thinking of floating on the mile long lazy river today... and hot tubbing last night and today... 
I love hot tubs... 

This is going to be my chair....
Maybe I'll choose one that's not crooked...
Except for the fact that when I checked into the hotel... and asked about the waterpark hours... I was told that it's only open on weekends during the school year... WHAT? REALLY? Dang.

What about a hot tub? Maybe they have a hot tub open during the week? Nope. Double dang.

So... I will still have a great get-away... last night I went to a fun cooking class...
We made four different kinds of soup... yum!
I will write more about that another day.

But, today I'm going to do some shopping... IKEA, Mall of America, and maybe even Sur la Table and Penzeys Spices... but first... I might need some orange juice with a little something extra in it... while (I imagine that) I am hot tubbing...

Obviously MARvelous


  1. Oh, super bummer on the waterpark! But everything else sounds wonderful. Have fun shopping today.


  2. Bummer about the hot tub and water park, but so glad to hear you that you took some time to yourself! Enjoy it!!

  3. Have fun!! So glad this is working out! :)

  4. so happy to have you at cooking class last night!! :D

  5. What a great time out for you! You deserve it!

  6. Sounds awesome! I think you missed the memo to come by and kidnap me for this trip :)
    The water park is amazing but shopping and a little drink or two or maybe more, will make up for that :)Have a great time!

  7. What?? So lame that the water park is only opened weekends. Not cool. But still awesome that you got away :)