Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here it is... Valentine's Day. This one is right up there with New Year's Eve... So many expectations.... but things rarely turn out to be the way you hope they will.

Don't worry...

Maybe you're not in a relationship and you wish her were... or you maybe you're in one that isn't going that well... or maybe it's going well, but he is clueless about romance...

When I look back at Valentine's Days from past years, the Stern German has often times been... well, stern... or ornery...  So some of our Valentine's celebrations haven't been much of a celebration... well, there was that one year...

I know I posted this yesterday... but it is funny... (again, sorry, Angsty Teen... I know this thought disturbs you...) and I did have a great comment from someone who said she was a mid-November and she had never thought about it this way! (The Angsty Teen has a cousin who was born two hours before her on the same day... Apparently, the Stern German's sister and her husband celebrated a couple hours before we did that year.)

Some years one of us is tired, sick, stressed out about life, etc. on Valentine's Day... and any of those things translate into a less-than-ideal Valetine's Day.

But I do have to say that the Stern German has been doing a better job of working harder at "us" the past few years. He does a pretty good job at making me feel loved and cherished on a day-to-day basis. I say, "Good job!" but I don't think he reads this...

The Stern German is a hard worker. He takes care of his family... he shows his love for us in ways that I sometimes don't even notice. That comes from him being an Exactist and me being an Approximist.

Sometimes I don't even notice when he washes my car or puts gas in my car... or does something else unexpected... but those things don't go unnoticed for long... because he usually lets me know what he's done!

There are years when he comes through on Valentine's Day with flying colors. Here are the flowers he bought for me last year:
So anyway, if you are single... create your own special day. If you are in a relationship... you might have to do that anyway! Reality rarely matches up with expectations...

Good luck! Hope your Valentine's Day is special...

That's actually a disturbing thought... But, as my diabetic, geriatric, bariatric, blind dad says... "There's a Jack for every Jill... if you're not too fussy!"

Be fussy. Word.

Obviously MARvelous

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  1. The comment about your sister in law celebrating hours before you made me snort my coffee!