Friday, February 15, 2013

High Five for Friday

I had some good things to talk about on Wednesday for What I'm Loving Wednesday... Now that I'm listing my five highlights of the week...  I'm trying to come up with new things... This gets a little bit tricky when your week kind of goes down the tubes...

These were going to be the five highlights of my week:

1. I'm getting my new computer this afternoon.
2. The Angsty Teen's concussion is better.
3. Valentine's Day was super.
4. My life is great,
5. The Angsty Teen and I are going to visit Kati tomorrow.

However, the reality of my life is very different...

1. and 2. I was planning to go to the Twin Cities... to the MOA (Mall of America to those of you who aren't besties with it...) to buy my new computer today...

Only last night the Angsty Teen came home from a band sectional early, not feeling well at all... thinks her headache/nausea is all in her head related to her concussed state. Pretty sure she's not going anywhere tomorrow... so neither am I... and neither is she... (haha... I love the movie Rat Race!)

That takes care of my first and second highlights. Gotta try to read this computer screen another few days. Dang.

3. Well, the things I did for everyone else for Valentine's Day was good.

My parents liked the little gifts I got for them. The people where they lived liked the chocolates I passed out to them at lunch time.
Oh, Lindt Truffles...
It turned out that Kati got the package I sent her from her complex's office right on Valentine's Day... and she liked her gifts.
Got this for both girls... and some candy...

The Angsty Teen liked what I had wrapped up for her after school.... and the Stern German liked the little things I got for him.

'The problem? He looked at me and said, "I didn't realize we were getting presents for each other."

What the what? Hmmm... I figured that was okay... I mean, I assumed he would remember how well he had done last year getting flowers for me from my favorite gift shop in town... and since he had stopped there on Wednesday to pick something up for me to give my mom... surely, he had remembered to order flowers.

Side note: I don't need flowers on Valentine's Day to be happy... they are usually overpriced and seem like kind of a waste of money... however... not getting someone anything is pretty lame...

"I just thought we would go out for dinner." Ummm... thanks, honey... we do that quite often... so as nice as that is... it doesn't necessarily constitute a Valentine's Day gift. Just sayin'.

4. I'm tired. I have no voice... literally... my cold settled in my throat. I have a cough. I'm a little overwhelmed with life. And a little unhappy with people... So, I guess saying my life is great is a straight-up lie.

And, I hate being at the mercy of everybody else in order for any plans I make to work out. If you have children, you know that feeling, I'm sure... but I'm just tired of it. I am feeling a little angry and bitter right now. Sorry about that.

5. Well, this one is still a highlight... but if you refer to the previous paragraph, the jury is still out on whether or not this will actually occur. (please, please, please?)

And, I have learned, over the years, that things tend to work out one way or another for a reason... but that's not exactly making me feel like being logical about any of this at the moment...

So... that's my exciting week... not many pictures... just a pissy attitude and a lot of eye strain...

Sorry you had to read this...  Maybe the rest of the day will be better... and then again...


  1. Oh, sweetie! It will get better!!


  2. Gahhh I hope you're able to make it out to Omaha this weekend!!!

  3. I LOVED Pitch Perfect! I watched it twice in a row haha!

  4. new follower! I am glad you had a nice Valentine's Day--how sweet of you to pass out chocolates where your parents live.