Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

Well, here is where I get to tell you what I'm loving so far this week...

I'm loving that... the Angsty Teen's concussion is getting a little better every week. (Apparently, according to her, this concussion is a month old today... I'm probably not baking a cake for that event.

I'm loving that... if I did bake her a cake I could put one of these sayings on it:
     1. Sorry your concussed state makes you too ill to do housework... at least it doesn't interfere with your ability to text.
     2. You're fortunate that you aren't too concussed to Tweet.
     3. Having a teenager concussion is like living with a bowling alley inside your head.
     4. It's all in your head.
     5. This thing that happened to your face head is unfortunate.
Any favorites there? I should probs (that means "probably" to you who don't have a teen) get a job writing for Hallmark...

I'm loving that... I was able to get away from my life yesterday and go to another computer class... and shop a little, too!

I'm loving that... my spring break time with Kati is just two weeks away!

I'm loving... these things on Pinteresr:

Definitely an appropriate song...

My PHAT Grand Boy (yep, Pretty Hot And Tempting), who is  1 1/2, can say "choo choo" and a couple of other words... This video made me laugh:

Source: via Sally on Pinterest

Oh, Ron Swanson... I guess he is right, though.

This is true, too:

And, in closing...

There might be a day when I put this into play just so I get to get out of a doctor's appointment with the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric, blind guy... just kidding... but not really.

Hope your day is a good one.


  1. I like the "it's all in your head" one :)

  2. I love Ron Swanson. He's my favorite tv character.

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