Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bloglovin' Business

I am thoroughly enjoying my afternoon. I am sitting at a restaurant called Mad Jack's north of St. Paul...  enjoying my solo Happy Hour time and free wifi! (Hey, Angsty Teen and Kati, this is where we ate the night before our Thanksgiving run two years ago!)

I'm reading blogs, working on iPhoto, and writing this blog... and no one is needing anything from me... well, the waitress needs me to make a decision on my order...

I'm going to stop at Target after this and then get to my cooking class at 6:30 pm... which is about a half an hour away... But, I'm through the tough metro traffic well before rush hour hits... and I'm going to be enjoying a late lunch:
"Jackadillas"... so good... but too mild of salsa... dang.
By now you all know that I'm pretty old... I mean, in my head, I feel perpetually 35ish... or maybe 40ish... but, I'm 50. And in the blogging world, that seems to be pretty old. Most of the bloggers I come across are the cute, young, thin variety... and they are adorable... or as the Angsty Teen would say, "Totes adorbs!"

And, I in regards to blogging and all that it entails, I don't really know much. I mean, I know just enough to be dangerous...

That is why I really liked Google Reader. I could go there and read the blogs I follow and it was a prettty simple thing. Simple and pretty much idiot-proof.

And now, Google Reader is ending in July. (Yep, that's old news by now.) So, that's kind of sad. When it comes to technology... and that whole Old Dog New Trick Thing... I've found the learning curve on new stuff is pretty steep for me.

But, I got myself on Bloglovin' and easily transferred the blogs I read to that site... actually, I really didn't have to do much... Bloglovin' made the set-up extremely easy.

So, now I am learning to navigate Bloglovin'.

The downside to Google Reader was that I would go weeks at a time without viewing the actual blog of someone... When you don't see the blog, and the changes, or the layout... you lose out on the whole blog reading experience. Seeing someone's actual blog is, by far, better.

The downside to Bloglovin'? Well, I found a major issue yesterday. I was looking for a blog post on a certain recipe. On Google Reader, if I wanted to find something like that, there was a search button. Easy.

On Bloglovin' I found a search button and entered what recipe I had seen. I quickly realized that the search button on Bloglovin' only searched for blogs with those words in their blog name. Not what I was looking for.

So I had to go back through dozens and dozens and dozens of blog posts to search for the recipe. I really couldn't find it... But I realized I could still go back to Google Reader and search for it there!

Now I've figured out a little trick.... As I read through blog posts that have a recipe or  some other thing I may want to find again, I hit the little "like" button by that post on Bloglovin'. Later if I want to find something, I could just look through all the posts I've liked.

Unfortunately, all those cute, young, thin bloggers post an awful lots of stuff I like... so, in reality, I may never find that one project in the huge number of posts I have liked... But for now, I'm holding out hope that this will work for me.

Follow on Bloglovin

If that blinking Eiffel Tower hasn't given you a seizure yet... just click on that blinkin' thing to follow me through Bloglovin'. I don't actually know if that will work... but if not, the blinkin' tower on my right sidebar should work.

Well, enough of that.... time to finish my drink, head to Target, and get to my cooking class! What a great day.


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  1. I'm a blog lovin follower :)) Hope you had fun at the cooking class!!