Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Father/Daughter Bonding

I had always hoped... and hoped and hoped and hoped... that the Angsty Teen would like hunting... with her father. I imagined her going on hunting trips with the Stern German. They could bond over their mutual love of the great outdoors and providing meat for the family...

I pictured quiet weekends at home... all alone... with a good book, a box of wine, and some delicious appetizers... I'm kind of an idiot.

Once the Angsty Teen completed her gun safety class... and it was time to go out and practice shooting.

The Stern German took her out to the shooting range. He was... well, appropriately so, concerned with safety, first and foremost... The Angsty Teen? Well, not so much.

Maybe he was being overly stern... but she was probably being overly spastic... hence the problem. The result? The Angsty Teen refused to ever go out shooting with her dad again... Pretty sure if you won't go shooting with him... that means those hunting trips are never going to become reality.

I came to realize that I would never enjoy quiet weekends without them on a regular basis... Dang.

I have tried to introduce activities that the two of them could do together... But, while the Angsty Teen likes spending money, the Stern German likes to save money. They like different music, different foods, different activities. One of them is ridiculous (can you guess which one?) and one of them doesn't have a ridiculous bone in his body. (I'll bet the word "his" gave the identity away on that one.)

I've tried introducing the idea of the two of them going to a Father/Daughter Retreat at our church denomination's camp... The Angsty Teen didn't think that sounded like fun...

It has been difficult to find something for the two of them to enjoy together... Imagine my surprise and utter happiness when this occurred:

They found something they enjoyed... together! Watching Duck Dynasty!!!
They laughed and laughed together...
This is a perfect thing for them to share... it appeals to the Stern German's love for all things outdoorsy and hunting-related... and it appeals to the Angsty Teen's innate sense of ridiculousness.

Unfortunately they watched it on a computer in the living room... which was way too close to the kitchen where I was hanging out....

But, while they watched Duck Dynasty on Saturday night.... I made tacos, queso, and refried beans for supper.

I also made myself margaritas... apparently, in really small glasses... Those glasses were empty way too quickly!
Now you see it...
Now you don't!
I'm glad that the Angsty Teen and the Stern German found something fun they can do together... something that they can both enjoy.... laugh at... and bring up in their day-to-day conversations.

I wonder if they ever have a week long Duck Dynasty convention?

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  1. haha, glad they found something ;) I always pour my drinks in too small of glasses too!