Friday, March 15, 2013

High Five for Friday!

It's been a good week. Everyone at home survived without me for a few days... yay!

Here are five of my highlights from the week:

1. I survived my great Snowstorm Adventure of 2013...
When I drove home from Omaha yesterday, the roads were fantastic... even though earlier that morning that Stern German had driven to work in whiteout conditions!
2. I had a blast with Kati... but, then again, I always do!
$3 Lone Star Teas? Yes, please.
3. When I got home yesterday, we celebrated Pi Day with....
Happy Pi Day!
4. I spent the evening last night at the high school listening to music groups sing in our local contest...okay, maybe that part wasn't a highlight of my week... it was kind of a long night... and I was tired...

Let me do #4 again...

4. The Angsty Teen gets to go on to the next competition in all three of her events.
Nice job, Angsty Teen!
5. I discovered bump, thanks to Kati.

Have you used this website/app yet? It makes sharing photos so easy... I transfer them to my computer by bumping my phone to the space bar... or I can share them with someone else who has this app on their phone... just by touching phones.

I think iPhones have some feature like this... but I don't have an iPhone... so this is fantastic! Click here to go their site.

So, those are my highlights. Today, it is back to the real world... dang...

  • My dad needs to work out. 
  • My mom needs things from the store. 
  • The back seat of their car is flooded from rain and needs to get clean up and/or into the dealership. 
  • I need to unpack. 
  • My parents will want me to eat lunch at their place.
  • I need to wash my car. 
  • I need groceries.
  • The Angsty Teen will want to go out driving... 

I think you get the picture...

Have a great weekend!


  1. That pizza looks way too delicious! May have to order out tonight! Have a great weekend!

  2. Ooohhh that pizza looks sooo yummy! And I love the Bump app! My fiance and I use it all the time to share pics with each other. And it's so dang convenient and easy and works perfect just about every time. Visiting today from HF4F! :)

  3. Okay, where did you get that pizza? awesome looking! Hope you have a good weekend!