Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pasty White Camo

I finally made it to Omaha! Omahawesome... but, really.

On Sunday I headed out earlier than I had planned on leaving to go visit Kati because by 5:00 pm, the weather was supposed to get nasty later in the day.

Traffic was moving along quite nicely on Sunday morning... and then it started to rain. After a little bit, I thought the rain was sure noisy... apparently it was little ice pellets... smacking against my windshield.

Nothing was slippery at first, so we were all moving along... doing fine... and then we started slowing down... well, most of us started slowing down. There were still plenty of idiots passing everyone.

Yeah, most of us were slowing down... and then... we stopped.

Stopped. Yep, we were stopped on the interstate.

And... we stayed stopped.

Eventually, we started creeping along again... We were going about 20 miles per hour... and then... we stopped... again.

This time, when we started going again, we were going about 2 miles an hour. I was about 50 away from Omaha... at this rate... I figured I would get there in about 24 hours! Dang.

But.... then... we stopped... yet, again. And this time? We stayed stopped... for about an hour.

I kind of had to go to the bathroom before all of this stopping... but I didn't want to take time away from the drive to Omaha. By now... I REALLY had to go to the bathroom... and I didn't know how long I could hold it...

Thought I might have to go in the woods...

But at the place where I was stopped on the interstate... THERE WEREN'T ANY TREEI!

I sure was wishing I could pee in a bottle, but remember that whole thing about me not having a ding dong? Yep, can't pee in a bottle. Again, dang.
Nowhere to pop a squat...
Eventually, just when I was seriously weighing the pros and cons of peeing in plain sight of every driver around me... (And, actually, I was leaning towards doing it because I was pretty sure that my lily white skin would actually not be visible in the near-whiteout conditions... kind of a pasty white camo look.).. all of a sudden we started moving!!!! Slowly, but we were moving...

Moving... up to the next exit... and then we were forced to exit. Interstate 80 was officially closed.

The hotels at the exit were already full... so I went to the nearest truck stop, parked the car, grabbed a few essentials, and ran through the storm into the building.

I raced to the bathroom! Yay, I didn't have to pee on the side of the road... I didn't really want a ticket for indecent exposure anyway...

When I came out of the bathroom, I surveyed the scene... and found a table where a man was sitting reading a book... and there was an empty chair. Asked if I could sit there... and there I sat... for hours... and hours... and hours...

There was a Taco John's and a Maid Rite.

These are some of the people I hung out with for many, many hours...

Really, Maid Rite? Punctuation much?
Our Name Say's it All!
I sure hope it doesn't...
A lady gave me a burrito... because I looked poor.

So the highlights of Sunday so far? I didn't end up in a ditch... I didn't get into a car accident... I got to pee inside... I had a chair to sit on in the food court... and I didn't sit with anyone creepy... Oh, and  I only had to take care of me... not anyone else. 

I didn't have to wipe any butts or noses or counters... it was kind of a weird vacation from my life.

I would say, all in all, it was a pretty good day. It was definitely the beginning of an adventure. I'll tell you more about the adventure tomorrow...

Hope your day is nice. I'm currently enjoying some time with Kati... Yay!

Hey, Angty Teen, I love you... be nice to your dad... pick up your junk in the dining room...  :)

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  1. That's like my worst nightmare! I'm glad you made it though. To the bathroom and to Omaha.