Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sleeping in Church

If you are a church-going kind of person... chances are you've seen someone sleep during church... or maybe you've fallen asleep in church?

The only time I dozed off in church was when we had gotten home from a marching band competition at 4:30 am and had gone to church a few hours later.

I was doing okay, until I forgot it would be a bad idea to close my eyes during prayer... Kiss of death. Closed my eyes... fell asleep.

Anyway, last Sunday night I slept in church... and there wasn't even a sermon or homily to lull me into slumberland. (No... I wasn't shopping for furniture... Focus, please.)

While I was stranded at the truck stop, the announcement was made that local churches were opening their doors for stranded travelers. I didn't jump on the opportunity right away... because I kept thinking I would get out of there. After all, I was only an hour from Kati's place...

After sitting at the truck stop for many, many hours and hearing that announcement several times, I finally decided to get directions to go to a church. I was gonna have to spend the night in Iowa.

I  found a Presbyterian church that was lit up, grabbed a few belongings, and ran inside. (Using the term "running" quite loosely... after all, I'm old, I'm chubby, and it was really snowy... lots of deep snow.)
They had brought in a lot of blankets.
The people were kind and welcoming. They had lasagna and sloppy joes along with all kind of beverages and snacks. (I was hoping for a little communion wine... that's why I didn't go to the local Baptist church... I hate grape juice.)

There were people spread out all over the church... I was able to get a spot on a ever-so-slightly padded pew... and about 11 pm I was ready to get some sleep.
I hadn't taken into account what it would be like sleeping in a room with dozens of people.

I hadn't thought about the coughing, the sniffling, the nose blowing, the farting, and... the snoring.

Oh, the snoring.

I used to have earplugs in my travel bag... but after hauling them around for years and never using them, I took them out. Not a good decision.

I didn't have any earbuds for my iPod, because I don't ever use them.

I didn't have my flask, because... well, I really just keep it at home... in a drawer.... I'm a smart one... not.

This is what's on it:
Travel advice? Bring your flask
After a while I laid my winter hat over my ear that wasn't buried in the pillow and set the sleep sound app on my phone to get some white noise.. and I fell asleep holding my phone by my face...

 I fell asleep for an hour... and them I woke up... and again had to try to fall asleep with all of the coughing, the sniffling, the nose blowing, the farting, and... the snoring.

I actually took the cougher a cough drop in the night... I offered it t him. He said, "Oh, I have a whole bag of cough drops." I wanted to say, "Well put some in your damn mouth then." But I'm from Minnesota... we're nice here.

I ended up waking up every hour or two... and working hard to get back to sleep. I got a few hours of sleep. The wonderful people who cared for us made us sausage and pancakes for breakfast. And, later in the morning the highways were safe enough for us all to travel.

So, thanks, to the people of The United Church of Avoca in Avoca, Iowa. You were wonderful hosts...  very kind and hospitable. (No, they will probably never read this... I'll have to write a Thank You note.) You thought of almost everything that we would need...

But, next time could you stock up on some ear plugs?

And some Breathe Right strips?

Or maybe a few CPAP machines?

And, please, could we crack open some communion wine?

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  1. Sounds like a miserable night!! luckily it was only for one night :)