Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brunchy Beverages

Tomorrow night I will be my fourth month going to the cooking class that fellow Minnesota blogger, Andrea, goes to... her mom leads the class each month.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting out of town and cooking... okay, and drinking a little wine... yep... I love all three of those things!

The first month we made some fantastic soups, the second month was all about fondue, and last month we made Irish foods... lots of Rueben-related deliciousness!
Yep, she's cute, young, and adorable... Dang.
This month we are making brunch-type foods. In the world I imagine myself living in someday, I envision having friends over for brunch quite often and serving up some fun foods and cocktails. The stark reality of my life is far from being like that... but maybe.... someday....

When I go to the class, I thought it would be fun to bring along the fixings for a breakfasty cocktail. The obvious ones that come to mind are Mimosas and Screwdrivers... oh, maybe Cosmos... I make a pretty great Cosmo.

But I thought I should look at other options. What should I make? Do you have any suggestions? (Probably not a Bloody Mary... in theory I should LOVE them... because I love everything that goes into them... but, I don't love them... yet.)

I thought this Cranberry Kir Royale looked delicious:
It's a recipe from Tyler Florence... and, I learned that Kir Royale just means a Champagne drink... well, or maybe it means a black current liqueur and Champagne drink... depends on who you believe.

That kind of looks delicious... and so does this Chambord Kir Royale
I bought a bottle of this Chambord Liqueur a few weeks ago. I haven't used much of it. It's a black raspberry liqueur... very sweet... almost too sweet... but would be delicious mixed with a drier Champagne.

Maybe I should bring that and some Champagne, or Asti Spumante, or... hmmm... not sure.

Bellinis sound delicious and so does some sort of a  Pimm's Cup...

Anyway, if you have any suggestions...  I'm listening. Give me advice. Tell me what you like to drink for brunch!

I don't have much time... the class is tomorrow night... I have to start my taste-testing research ASAP!


  1. That cocktail looks absolutely gorgeous, I may try it myself! xo

  2. So fun! Are you coming to the blogger cooking class on the 26th?

  3. Have you searched Pinterest?!? I saw a variation of a Mimosa on there.......but I didn't pin it! Is brunch too early for a mojito?

  4. I love chambord, french martinis are my jam. I like bellini's in the morning, but I don't think you could go wrong with any of your choices!

  5. Love, love LOVE Kir Royales! It has been ages since I've had one..I'm thinking it's time...

  6. What a fun idea! I've been looking at taking some cooking classes myself. Sounds like they're great.

  7. yeah! i cant wait to taste what you decide on! we will be enjoying a new find as well, mommamangos!